Am I actually daring enough to say I always make sense? Not bloody likely! No, this is about something very crappy, or rather NOT crappy. Lately I have been going about my days in a very matter of fact way. Life is what it is, and regardless of that, I try to keep it light, and succeed rather well. But I am noticing stuff which some of us call Ascension Symptoms: those weird deviations in our bodily functioning, that just cannot be explained away by calling them a disease, simply because they don’t feel that way…..

Like I mentioned, no real change in my , I still drink as much coffee as I ever have, eat the same foods, so basically, my body should react the same. But there is something weird going on: even though my waist band is steadily showing more space around there, and even other people notice that, the amount of waste I seem to have to get rid of at certain intervals has drastically decreased: Where I used to feel the urge to sit and think (or shit and stink) maybe once a day, it now fools me into thinking I need to sometimes five times a day. But when I do: nothing…. or virtually nothing.

So, where am I losing this matter, am I converting it into light all of a sudden? You tell me…  But since I feel great, why would I consult a doctor about it? Haven’t seen my in over five years, and the does nothing more for me than keeping an eye on my blood, and trying to get me down enough to be a typical human. No such luck, missy: I’m already way up there, and I ain’t coming down!

So, I’ve tossed the first pennies in the pot, let the game begin…..

Love our body,