Now there’s a tough one, if you started off experiencing the world as an entire Cosmos of threats out to get you…. I mean having been here for quite a while, on Moorelife, I learned that anything is essentially neutral, but actually feeling the reality of that is not quite the same as having made the decision you agree with it. Well, at least that decision is several thousand steps up from saying you agree just to be rid of it. ‘Cause that don’t work! It’ll keep coming back until you accept it, period…..

Does that mean that I have no choice in what I may or may not like? Valid question! And of course there is no problem in liking mango ice cream more than the chocolate variety, but that doesn’t mean you have to go on a crusade to eradicate the entire mechanism that delivers chocolate icecream to others. They may and in fact do like their icecream that way.

Since Infinite implies that No Thing Can NOT Exist, can we demand that it does not exist? Well, since no thing does not exist, even that demand can be made, but it merely adds another flavor to the spectrum of possible relationships between us and that which we do not want to exist.  Or at least it adds to the subsets of worlds we are likely to visit, in our quest of experience towards .

I feel a bit like a reverend on this silent Sunday morning, preparing a sermon. Not that I particularly would want to be one, but it’s just a feeling that passed me by just now. And my youngest has her own mantra of Life, as her MSN byline shows: "Real people aren’t perfect, and perfect people aren’t real." Well, I’m as real to her as they come, so that means I’m not perfect either. But on the other hand, does being perfect still hold the appeal it used to?

What I like or dislike is certainly not irrelevant to me, but what seems to be even more interesting are the reasons why I like or dislike certain things. Seems like if I dislike certain situations for the ‘wrong’ reasons, they keep coming back. If I succeed in transforming that dislike into a simple non-preference without any negative motives, it just goes poof, and is seen no more. Which of course does not mean it no longer exists, but it agrees to your motivations for choosing to select other situations for you to experience.

Right now, I have a conflict of preference on my hands as well: Laura has just landed down here, and wishes to use her desktop system, which I am currently occupying. Even though I’d love to keep working on this big 22 inch screen, I know there is no reason for me to foil her plans: there’s a perfectly working netbook on the side table, and the coffee just indicated its readiness by a loud and percolating explosion of steam, signifying the landing of the final drops of coffee. So I’ll just grab myself a mug, and be right back for more….

Love the demands, they give you choices to improve,