I’ve been a jailbreaker, have been all my life. When I showed the following funny picture of Laura to my mum, she told me I used to climb out of the play pen all the time:

{Picture to be inserted when I get home}

And that never changed, somehow I always felt boxed in, no matter what the occasion. Most boxes were easy, you could get outside of them by just using your mind and heart, and that was that. Even school taught me (during history and social studies) to beware of all those religious boxes. Not that they really warned you, but the conclusion that it was wise to do so was easily drawn.

And even though, like a Russian Doll, every box became more spacious, it never really felt like home. But outside always felt more like home than inside. Until now…. 

The next box is beckoning, but somehow it is different from the other boxes. Sure, it promises awesome power, but feels like it implies something more. I have this idea that stepping outside this particular box will free me of all connections to the world around me, and I’m not at all sure that that would be a pleasurable experience….

The logins to my and MSN spontaneously lose their username and password, over and over again, although every time I tell them to remember this. And no, I didn’t have my hand in the cookie jar. It’s like I’m being nudged to disregard info coming in, and likewise Moorelife is losing its password no matter how often I tell it to store the damn thing. I’m being slowly pried loose from the one dependency that is my biggest one to date: you! But life in solitude feels like it sucks bigtime! And if stepping out of this box means just that, then I’d rather be jailed for the rest of my eternal !

In the end I’ll probably get used to the atmosphere out there, and make the transition anyway, but right now is a bit too soon, it’s not my time yet to make this particular move. So I’ll just take my piece of chalk, and will write all across the wall of this very large box, until I’ve figured out what it is out there, or have become confident there’s nothing to figure out but to just take the leap!

Love your boxes, and the stuff out there,