I think I’m finally beginning to get it. Stupid of me, or rather unfortunate that I even called it stupid…  There is no proper period in which you are supposed to ‘get it’, with Eternity right at your door step. So no, it’s not stupid to get it just now, or any time. It might even have been the result of Angelic1 calling in the troops to help me to realize my last night. In fact, I’m quite sure it was….

So thanks, beautiful, where or whoever you are…

I Woke up to a recurring mess this morning: the moment I have it cleaned up, the outside world comes in and with it the chaos. Mostly this manifests in the form of my darling daughters, and their friends. But since Love is a don’t care thing, I let them do their thing, and return it to proper order myself later. This morning though, it looked like I would not be able to return to the proper ordering in time for my visiting parents, hence the stress message to postpone the update till later tonight.

But Love don’t care, so you just appply it to whatever is left to resolve, and in no time flat, the dishes are done, the living is cleared up, and there still seems to be enough time to vacuum later and do Moorelife now after all. I leafed through the candidates for posting, and found a few I don’t care for almost immediately: a channeling beginning with how His material was the only thing true amongst the many false channelings: Bang! You’re out! Love don’t care through which channel it arrives, even if its the rectum of the chihuahua Chibi, who just crapped inside the open door on my carpet! Don’t care, I’ll clean it up right before the vacuuming session.

But the real don’t care kinda thing was the one I’ve been rebelling against for the longest time: I know how to give Love, been doing it for quite some time, but I still needed at least some semblance of an acknowledgment, an indication that it had arrived. That I’d done it right! And I see synchronicities nudging me towards a Cosmos where that kind of feedback isn’t the standard, where we should all just dispense our Love like we don’t care!

You’ve all heard plenty of stories about the miraculous Lady who showed up in my life, gave me lots and lots of hope for more, and then vanished into thin air,  unintentionally leaving only a very sizeable collection of pixels of various colors for me to remember her by. That you could say, is some sort of thesis assignment, which is really not what I’d expect if Love is don’t care. But then again, I’ve always been more afraid of failing than I am of making the grade. Time to turn this thing around! I mean, wherever she is or I am, is my Love for her any less? Is it any less if she doesn’t know (yet)? And if it isn’t, and it is Love that attracts All, can there possibly be any doubt about how this will end? Weird I just couldn’t see that obvious attraction before!

I just had to see that it is no test, not in the real sense: you get slipped the answers in all kinds of seemingly non-related areas, no matter what you are busy with! No doubt the situation evolving here is no different: two daughters quarreling over a visit to the opening of the hospital, which they are supposed to take with their mother and grandmother. One doesn’t want to go because she’s terribly tired and the other one doesn’t want to phone home to say her sister won’t be coming. Doesn’t feel like a Love-situation, right? Yet the only thing my heart tells me is to just stay out of it, and let them handle things.

But back to the isolation tendency: I’ve been gently nudged into no longer expecting feedback. Not quite off it yet, but an inbox that stays empty does deliver a certain message, right? But still life goes on,  and I’m not really different than before. Excpet that I found another miraculous friend. No lady this time, but a guy who seems to have what I’m supposed to be aiming for down to an art. Just another nudge about where I’m supposed to go. 

So no matter what I do these nudges will gently steer me in the right direction. But since Love is All, they are quite likely just another emmanation of it. I could still question then what my fears of going in that direction are, but frankly I don’t care anymore. I’m just gonna go wherever this strange wide river of synchronicities takes me, and never care about whether I can swim….

Love your syncs,