Message From , September 2010

Through Rev. Michelle

“Rewriting Your Past, Present, And Future:
A Meditation Within The Human Matrix”


Time in your third dimension, is seen as linear. It is an illusion
which hinders many of you from your Divine purpose, and your focus
within your Sacred Heart. Many of you spend your “time” within the
parameters of your past and your future, recreating the past and
bringing it into your Now, through your focus upon it. Many of you
spend your “time” placing your focus upon your future, thereby lessening
the power of creation that you have in your Now. It is in your Now
that you have Divine power and this is the moment in which you must hold
your focus. Create in the Now. Hold your focus in the Now. The Now
encompasses past, present, and future. All is happening in one Now
Moment. All your lives are happening and being lived in this Now
Moment. As you heal your past, you have the ability to rewrite and
rescript your past. As you understand that which you came forth to
experience, and learn and accept the spiritual wisdom and lessons and
tests that you have been and are being presented with, you change and
rewrite your past. You have this ability, as the All That Is, is ever
expanding, it is malleable, it is fluid, and you, as cocreators with the
God Source, have the ability to recreate past, present, and future in
the Now Moment.

Spend time in meditation, feel the power of all that you are, in this
Divine Now Moment. Expand your senses and awareness, to encompass
past, present, and future. Set the intention that you observe, and the
experiences and emotions are as if upon a movie screen. You need not
experience them in this Now. Expand the matrix of you. It is an aspect
of you that is a great latticework, an energetic oval, which surrounds
you as the Divine light flows into your crown chakra like a fountain,
flowing into your matrix. The light flows out the base of your matrix
and flows up the sides and returns as a fountain, into your matrix, into
your crown chakra. Feel this flow and visualize your matrix. Beloved
Ones, breathe deeply and flow the light and know that within your matrix
is every experience, every life, past, present, and future, that is
you. Breathe deeply and integrate this knowing. Sit quietly and feel
this in every aspect and facet of your being. Breathe deeply and
understand that you may rewrite all that you have lived, all that you
have experienced. It is possible Dear Ones. In this Now Moment, place
your awareness in your matrix, feel the presence of your matrix and
expand it to fill the room you are sitting in. Your matrix is quite
large. You reduce it in size as you live your physical life, so that
you may easily move around. Expand your matrix now, and feel the
beauty, the Godliness of your matrix.

Now examine your matrix. See where there is darkness within your
matrix; see the shadows, the blemishes. These, Beloved Ones, are
imperfections from past, present and future, which you may now
transmute. Call upon the imperfections of all your past lives, this
present life and imperfections of the future. Call upon all that no
longer serves you in any lifetime; call upon all the lower aspects of
the seven Rays and your seven chakras, which are within your matrix.
Call upon all negativity that is hindering you from being and expressing
that which you came forth to be; God in the physical form. You need
not experience any of that which you call forth. Now set the intention
to follow the imperfections back to Source, back to your initial
creation as a cell of God, back to what you call separation. There is
in truth, no separation. There is only that which you perceive as
separation. You are the God Source in the eternal Now, in what you
perceive as your past, present, and future.

Now, Beloved Ones, call upon your Mighty I Am Presence and activate
the Violet Flame. Call in the Violet Flame to stream down from above,
to blaze forth from your Sacred Heart, and to stream up from Mother
Earth, filling and surrounding you and your matrix, like a whirlwind.
Send a stream of the Violet Flame into the earth as a gift. Breathe and
begin to flow the Violet Flame in through your crown chakra, filling
you, your field, and your matrix, and flowing out at the bottom and up
the sides of your matrix and back in the top, as a fountain. Feel the
flow as you lovingly ask the Violet Flame to transmute all that is
within your matrix, past, present and future, that no longer servers
your highest good and the highest good of all. See the Violet Flame
transmute all the dark areas, clearing and cleansing, as you send the
Violet Flame through your matrix. Send the Violet Flame all the way
back to the God Source. Transmute the illusion of separation, Dear
Ones. Breathe deeply, and allow the Violet Flame to cleanse and clear
your matrix and every aspect and facet of you, back to the God Source.

And now, when you feel you are ready, fill your matrix with the
Divine God light. Breathe in and feel the light stream in through your
crown chakra, through the top of your matrix, like a fountain, feel and
see, pink love light, fill you, your field, your matrix, and send it
down into earth as a gift. Fill your Selves and your matrix with this
blessed God light. Expand this light out to all Creation as you assist
all Creation in the expansion into the God awareness. Now, Dear Ones,
make it your intention to transform all past, present, and future, into
the personality of God. Transform past, present, and future into the
virtues, attributes and aspects of God. Draw in the 12 Rays of God, the
personality of God, bringing in the exact qualities of each needed to
complete self mastery. Bring in the exact quantities of each, which
will bring you to ease and grace, love and joy, in the past, present,
and future. Bring in just the right amounts to balance your four
bodies, and be the personality of God. You are God. You are
unconditional love, you are wisdom, you are abundance, you are peace,
joy, harmony. You are every virtuous attribute of the twelve Rays. See
these twelve Rays fill you and your matrix, in just the right amounts
for ease and grace.

Breathe, and allow this magnificent cleansing, clearing, and
incorporation and expansion and melding of the God Source, past,
present, and future, to fully be absorbed by every aspect and facet of
you. Breathe and allow it to be. Breathe and simply know that it is

Beloved Ones, there are many layers of cleansing and clearing for
each of you, as you climb the spiritual ladder. Depending upon your
acceptance, your desire, and your willingness, you may experience a deep
and profound transformation through this meditation. Depending upon
your desire, your dedication and determination, you may make great
forward movement to the achievement of realizing your God Self. You may
want to do this cleansing and clearing on a regular basis. Each time
you do so, you will integrate, and cleanse and clear and balance, your
past, present, and future, so that you will refine your diamond and
polish it to a further brilliant luster. Each time you do this
meditation, you move one step further upon your path to mastery, your
path to return to the higher realms.

Call upon me, as you do this meditation. I will assist you if you
ask, and support you in love, strength, and courage, as you travel your
sacred path home. I am here with you, in the Love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda

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