Channelled by Devaanii

On Friday morning (27th August) I decided to take the dogs for a walk
along the North Shore where I often go. It was the day after the full
moon. As I was driving down to the beach my guides said, “The waters
will speak to you when you get there.” It was a beautiful late winter’s
day. The water was pure and clear and almost completely calm. No waves,
only across the surface. I walked slowly out into the ocean
right up to my neck so I could hear the voice of the waters. This is
what they said:

“The floor of the ocean will rise up and we will purify the earth.
One quarter of the world (world’s surface area) will disappear. At this
stage I began to tremble slightly. “Do not be afraid dear child,” they
said. I think I still had some fear from the memory of my last
incarnation on when the occurred at the end of
that 26,000 year cycle. I have done a lot of healing on this but am
still a bit shaky whenever the topic of deluges comes up. Then I heard,
“There is a record kept for the activity of every Soul. It is on the
basis of this record that we will decide. The waters will divide around
those who are true.”

The month before, on the previous , I had been up to
Kureelpa Falls and had heard the stone people speak. The stone people
speak rarely and only when there is a great need, so I gave them my
undivided attention. It sounded urgent: “Tsunami, without warning. Pray
for the souls of those who have nowhere to go.” When those beings
intimately connected with the physical activities of Gaia (ie, the Devas
and Elementals) begin to speak, you know that the time is near.

Originally I had some hesitations about sharing and publishing these
messages and I expressed my concerns to a friend, another ,
who encouraged me and shared with me her very optimistic views on the
situation. So with much love and gratitude to Amaliah Grace, and after
consultation from the Golden Ones of Mu, this is what I was able to
bring through to add to this article.
First of all the messages from Mu:

“Do not fear what you do, Dear One.The world divides soon. It was
foretold long ago that the world would divide in two. We cannot give you
the hour. There is still time to prepare. The waters have spoken and
the Salamander will impart some wisdom to you too. The elementals will
counsel you. Be still, be peaceful, and all will be well. Grace will
descend. It is the eleventh hour Dear Child.”

I felt a wonderful presence enter the room and a soft glowing golden
light which spread warmth throughout my whole body. They then did some
healing for my twin soul who is in England. Once this was done, I heard
them say, “We will sing for you now,” meaning that they will sing
through me. The sounds coming through were amazing. We cleared some fear
for other Souls who needed healing and activated the songlines and
portals. We have been doing this kind of work together twice a day for
the past six months and it feels joyous to be able to be of service-
singing the songlines which connect the portals at Coolum, Mt Ninderry,
and Cootharaba to the portals at Uluru, the Katherine Gorge,
and the Kimberleys. For reasons yet to be revealed I have also been
guided to connect with two other major ascension portals – one right
through the Great Lakes in , and one in the Hindu Kush region of

So how do we prepare ourselves for this momentous event Beloved Ones?
The Ascended Beings from the Sun and the Solar Core of Gaia are already
here assisting us to activate our violet light bodies. We can assist in
the purification and activation of our violet light body (Astral body)
by choosing love rather than fear in any given situation. Then we are
automatically assisting with the purification and activation of the
Astral body of Beloved Gaia, as reflected in the purity of the oceans
and rivers of the Earth and by the activities of the water elementals.

The Ascended Beings from Orion are bringing through the activations
for the white light body (causal body.) We can assist in this
purification and activation by replacing all fear-based and limiting
belief systems with the highest truth and choosing positive loving
thoughts rather than fear and negativity. Thus we are automatically
assisting our beloved Earth Mother with the purification of Her causal
body, as assisted by the air, wind, and cloud elementals.

Those Divine Beings from Sirius are bringing through the activations
for the golden light body or I AM prescence, for the activations of the
Soul Star and Earth Star chakras. As we purify our Egos and Will and
surrender to the will of our Divine Soul, we begin to bring all of our
desires and dreams into alignment with the Divine Purpose and Plan for
this planet and we are automatically assisting in the Ascension of Gaia.
The purification of the ego and will in human beings is reflected in
the activities of the fire elementals or salamanders.

And lastly, the Ascended Beings from the Pleiades are bringing
through the activations for the etheric light body or blue light body.
We can assist with the purification our physical and etheric bodies by
spending more and more time in Nature, breathing deeply, practising a
purer diet, or through practises such as Yoga. This then allows for the
activation of the new etheric energy templates which will hold the
higher frequency vibrations for us and hold the new DNA patterns.

We can then be of greater and greater service to the Councils of
Light (the Intergalactic Federations assisted by Archangels Metatron and
Butaylyl and Chamuel) and the Land Council (comprising the Golden Ones
-Ancestor spirits, the Devas and Elementals assisted by Archangels
Gersisa, Roquiel, and Joules) by allowing more and more of the higher
light frequencies (also known as ) through our energy
systems for longer and longer periods of time to activate the portals
and songlines or grid network which comprises the etheric light body of
Gaia. The more people that can do this, the more others will be assisted
to ascend and the sooner beloved Gaia ascends.

The fifth world begins to separate out from the third and fourth
worlds now. Those on the fifth dimension are having a completely
different experience from those on the lower planes. They are having the
experience of harmony and peace in their lives, of freedom from
man-made time constraints, of wonderful health and cell rejuvenation,
the experience of perfect synchronicity and all needs abundantly made
manifest, and of joy and fulfilment. Those on the fifth dimension need
not experience the earth changes which result from the polar shift, but
make sure you are prepared Beloved Ones. Choose love instead of fear.
Choose truth rather than illusion. Let your Divine Soul guide you in all
things and trust in that inner guidance. Align yourselves with the
higher frequencies coming through day and night, as often as you can.
The Ascended Beings from the stars and the Golden Ones of Mu are here
guiding and assisting us with much love. Blessed Be. Devaanii.