Thursday, September 2nd, 2010


The messages at this site are the result of communications between
Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the current indigenous humans of this
planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those
who are of the highest . There are now 143 messages
on this site; they build on each other. For their full impact, read
them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They
detail the transformation of this planet, our place in the universe, and
a positive outlook for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope,
by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a
decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As
always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 22nd posting to Mark&;s Corner for 2010 that involves
communications with non-humans. It is with great pleasure that I again
welcome Moraine and Justine, for their experience in the Altair system
can give us insights into what is before us.

Greetings: Today we wish to discuss the challenges you will face
after you have raised your frequency to the 4th dimensions, after your
existing structures and beliefs have disappeared, after the earth shifts
are completed, and your lives have been vastly changed. This is the
moment when you will find yourselves in a love-dominated civilization.
It will be exquisite if you allow yourselves to flow with the changes.
We are offering this communication based on our experience on Supsten
after we transitioned.

We see fear-based choices and actions gradually subsiding as love
based choices and actions replace them. This is an on-going process; one
that will continue until love becomes the dominant way of being. Each
human on Earth is being asked to choose whether they wish to move into
this strange, new love-dominated culture. The summation of these many
choices creates a new way of being, a new civilization.

There is a moment when you will shift from linear time to the “now.”
One moment you are in linear time the next moment you are in the now.
You will perceive that something has changed, in fact all has changed —
for you will see all differently. So this is your first challenge. How
will you navigate in this new way of perceiving, this new way of

The second challenge has to do with your body, in that you will feel
lighter. Old aches and pains will be gone. You will have perfect
eyesight and hearing, and your touch will be extraordinarily sensitive.
Things will smell so wonderful, and their taste will be glorious. This
may be quite a pleasant shock. How will you accommodate yourself to this

Many of your actions today are designed to avoid disease. In the 4th
dimension, the diseases introduced by the are unknown. Your
bodies will vibrate at a frequency that disease can no longer reside
with them. Many of you have become attuned to living with physical
disabilities and accosted by disease, how will you now function? How
will you go about your new life without worrying about catching one
disease or another.

Relationships are the next challenge. Everyone will perceive things a
little differently. There will have been no conditioning as to how you
are to perceive, no parents to coach you, no prescribed box in which you
fit, no rules or regulations. It will be wonderful, but also quite

The next challenge is to manage telepathy, for you will have this
marvelous gift after the shift to the 4th dimension. For the first time
(for most of you), you will be able to communicate without words. You
will merely think a message you wish to send to another and it will be
transmitted. Others will be sending you messages also. In fact you will
be receiving large numbers of messages simultaneously, and you may
initially feel bombarded with the thoughts of others. Your first
challenge will be to filter what you wish to receive and what you do
not. Discrimination is the order of the day, then learning to manage
what you wish to say to another.

Once you have mastered the basics of telepathy you can begin to
establish relationships with other people. Keep in mind that everyone
will be operating from a basis of love – this alone will be quite a
change. There will be no judgments – after all everyone is in the same
situation. How do you relate to someone who can receive your honest
transmission without the filter of conventional politeness, without the
filter of your emotions, or your choice of words?

We have spoken of the absence of fear. Today you are immersed in a
fear-dominated paradigm. Almost all aspects of your current environment
and many of your relationships are built on fear. Fear of being cold
leads you to build shelters. Fear of being hungry leads you to purchase
and store food. Fear of rejection inhibits your relationships or may
cause you to purchase a certain product. Fear of poverty leads you to
achieve and to save. Fear of authority determines your actions. Many of
your beliefs are fear based. Those who control you use fear as a major
tactic. Fear is the bases for almost everything of your current
civilization; no one lives without its effects. How will you react to
the 4th dimension where there is no fear to constrain you or proscribe
your actions?

One corollary of your fear-based society is that each of you has
established a comfort zone in which you live your lives. You have your
daily routines. You have your circle of friends and relatives. You have
your favorite foods and drinks, and your favorite pastimes. Your comfort
zone is the result of coping with a fear-dominated civilization. When
you no longer living in your comfort zone, how will you react? Moving
forward is an individual choice. Some will make this choice, others will
not, as they find that their current situation is too comfortable and
familiar to risk giving up.

If you are now highly conscious, elements of the new reality of which
we speak may come upon you gradually, then one day you will wake up and
all of it will be before you. It is not that you are un-prepared to
deal with any one aspect of your new reality, it is that you will now
deal with all of it simultaneously. We can attest from personal
experience, that this will be quite challenging, as you can no longer
fall back on old familiar ways of acting.

We have also spoken of the need for all manmade structures that are
based on fear to disappear so that others may take their places.
However, do not expect this to happen instantaneously. Supplanting
existing constructs cannot happen quickly; constructs based on fear –
governments, , corporations, and religions – took many
years to build. It will take time to reestablish loved-based versions of
them. (More about this in a subsequent communication.) Likewise all
beliefs that are fear based will disappear to make way for truth.

Will this transition be easy or quick? No. It will be gradual as
individuals change. The mass of people changes only slowly, one person
at a time. There will be no mass conversion to a basis of love. It will
take place one individual at a time. Beliefs change slowly, not in an
instant. Look at your own experience, Mark, it has taken several years
for you to move from a fear-based individual to one based in love, and
throughout this you were quite open to the whole process. You are a
natural risk taker. For someone who is by his or her nature more
cautious, change will come more slowly. So it is with the majority of
the population; they are not risk takers. Only a small percentage of any
population are leaders who will show the way.

Layer these factors of the transition onto the changes Earth is
undertaking as she moves from a fossil fuel based civilization to one
that does not puncture or gouge her skin, and you have the makings of
the great transition in which Earth and all of you are engaged. It is
any wonder that there was a waiting line to see who would incarnate at
this moment? This is exciting stuff. The drama is intense as we watch it
inch forward day by day.

The institute we are creating will allow us to come and assist humans
to navigate in their new way of being, for the transition to a love
based civilization will take some getting used to. For now we broadcast
, walk among you working in select situations, and interact with
selected people. In the future we wish to broaden this interaction and
work with many to help them accommodate themselves to all the new things
of which we have spoken.

Thank you, Moraine and Justine. I look forward to learning more from your experiences.

TO MARK’S CORNER. Please do so in total, preserving all notations,
attributions, and announcements.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel