Channeler: Aruna Byers

Channeling can aid mental understanding, but not Awaken. Channeling
is met with an ego, an absolute dictator, that decides to accept or
reject the contents. An Awakening has no mental component. An "ah ha"
accompanies a major shift to another awareness, an awareness beyond an
ego’s comprehension. An ego only knows the material fed to the body’s
sensory systems, and makes active decisions about things not previously
experienced. These choices are always an attempt to maintain control of
the body’s mental activity. Ego has no awareness, outside of its own

Channeling, and all mental input, not "resonating" with mental
familiarity, gets dismissed. All new creations are "inspired" in moments
of mental quiet, and accepted as a course of action only when mind does
not feel contradicted. My new messages are not like the most accepted
ones, and do not make complete sense to those who have not yet
Awakened. My words are clear, but lack of mental familiarity is what is
not making my new material fully acceptable. Yet! Many of you decided to
choose , and to ascend, you must Awaken. My new material does
the needed groundwork, and attacks the distortions that are not allowing
that Awakening to occur.

Pure channeling can only open doors for those who are able to accept
new ideas. Old ideas got you to this moment. And old ideas will keep you
in this same consciousness, in the next moment. Open minds, as well as
open hearts, are what is needed for the next days. Are you willing to be
one of the first to Awaken? Or, are you more content hanging out with
your old concepts? Awakening shifts you into 5th dimension
consciousness. Are you not even interested?

My name is . Maha Chohan, and the same Master
who met and Mark Prophet. My credentials may be important to
you, but my messages cannot make a difference if these old teachings
are being used to discredit my newest ones. The old messages were to
open new doors, during the days of man’s first stages of new awareness.
Things have changed since then. Now we are moving out of the Master’s
introductory phase, into new, Awakened awareness. Anchoring more light
on all continents has made a new dawn for mankind possible. Now the
light has been anchored, and the time to ascend is near. Can’t the new
be a replacement for the old? Why does it need to be similar, to be
accepted? How can my new teachings, about a new way of living, be
considered inaccurate, just because they aren’t the same as my old

Practice a heart opening exercise now, and be aware that the mental
activity that tells you, "No way", is the darkness you will be releasing
with an Awakening. Assuming that an answer that comes from one’s mind
is correct, in this circumstance, is foolish. No ego chooses to be
discarded. No ego makes it easy to Awaken. Are you up to the task of
rejecting your mind’s opinions, so you can be led by the heart?

When the heart becomes the in all choices, man and divine
intelligence are One. This is the accurate meaning of Oneness. When man
chooses to have complete consciousness, this activates his divine
characteristics, moving his mental dominator out of the control seat,
into the heart. Material life details are now overridden by heart
concerns: caring, giving, and loving all that is. New awareness is
available. All choices are heart led, as mind is no longer the chooser.
Pure consciousness leads the body’s life.

An Awakening begins a new life for the Awakened man. Not necessarily a
life of material abundance, but a life of happiness, inner peace and
Mastery. Ascension comes next. Between the door of an Awakening, and the
door of ascension, can be many days of dropping the mental and
anatomically held concepts, about human existence, that are not
consistent with being Awake.

Enlightenment does not act like a man that takes exception to new and
different things. New and different is a man’s consciousness when he
becomes a Master. Clarity about his entire existence only comes with an
Awakening. Not Awakened, man dreams a dream of duality that has no
meaning. Cause and effect are the only things he can understand.
Blooming in his heart is a beautiful lotus of love, just awaiting his
attention. An answer to that choice must come with the commitment to
deny the mind’s control. Choose the lotus now, and Ascension can come as
another option, but only if you are willing to step out of your comfort

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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