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(Dis)Belief, and the stuff in between

I think I've got most of the disbelief stuff covered, by allowing for  most of my world to simply exist without my interference. But when it comes to believing, there is this recurring tendency to slip back into the greatest killer of all manifes...

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Bashar Don’t Condition Inifinity

Enjoy the playfulness of Infinite Mind vs. Finite Mind......

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ABRAHAM HICKS Sameness Vs Difference

Follow-Up on my startup piece: Esther Hicks and Abraham at the stand!

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Intuition or Whatever Feels Right?

Is it that which is keeping us apart from the people we consider to be unaware of what we hold highest? We call it "Intuition", but they just think of it as "doing whatever feels right". To them it's nothing fancy, they do it eve...

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Since  everyone on  the Earth will have shifted by 2012, it will be much easier to shift DNA at this time. However, individuals can shift consciousness faster than the masses can shift. The present reality contains the ability to shift ...

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There Must Be Something More, Take a Step Back and Look At the Big Picture

Eleanor sent me a page that is highly interesting, but quite difficult to cut down to Moorelife size bits. So I'll just post the link here, and have you read the original.....

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Emission of dark matter after the UFO near to the Moon

Not sure what to make of this, it's a bit dark....

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Batteries powered by water

This sounds like a cool gadget: batteries that don't degrade before you actually activate them by injecting a bit of water.

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Muscle Suits

Looks like my body can start deteriorating now...  There is a solution to help it along 

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