by Owen Waters

Peace resides in the human
heart. Inner peace creates outer peace in your relationships and in the
effect that you have upon the global consciousness.

Peace is a
choice. It respects your boundaries and it respects the boundaries of
others. When you set your boundaries and stop others from intruding into
your space, when you respect other people’s boundaries and do not intrude
into their personal space, then it is possible to move on to the next
step, a state of mutual cooperation.

Mutual cooperation means
that you support each other in ways that come from your heart. You help
people because you love the spirit within them. Their outer personality is
not the important focus here; it is their inner light, their inner spirit
that you can always love, regardless of their outward actions. This, then,
is the foundation for unconditional love.

The best model for
unconditional love is right above you in the daytime sky. The Sun shines
on everyone alike, without any judgment.

Love and support are
the key requisites for lasting peace. The more people embrace peace in
their own lives, the more they affect the that we all
share on this planet.

Happiness is the fruit of the tree of
life. It is the needle in the compass that tells you that you are on
track, that you are ‘on purpose’ in your journey through life.

True happiness is inner joy, that deep and genuine joy which lasts
forever. It comes from being in resonance with your inner purpose, with
your inner self.

Your inner self is your soul, the part of you
which lives forever, the part of you that is always there to help, guide
and protect you.

Within this inner soul burns the flame which
connects you to the entire cosmos of Creation. It is your connection to
Infinite Being, to the All That Is.

In this heart of your
spiritual connection lies a wonderful essence. This is the essence of
spirituality and joyful living. As your conscious connection with this
essence grows, so does your level of happiness.

A connected
life is a purposeful and rewarding life. It is one where you apply your
efforts exploring the exact situations that you came here on Earth to
experience. With love and wisdom, you transform these situations into
lasting success.

Through life, you experience the endless
variety of Creation. Through life, you journey back to that source from
which you came. Through life, you find the inner flame which is the key to
eternal joy and happiness.

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