Well, it looks like one of you beat me to the publisher with an English book: Our friend Sheldon sent me the web reference to his book this morning, of which I’m now putting a sizeable portion on Moorelife. We’ve already discussed him doing a few articles as well, and maybe some Q&A session…..  And of course I´ll be doing a review the moment he sends me that hardcopy he´s been promising me for months now…. ;-)

Looking forward to very Happy


Sheldon Moore / ISBN: 978-0-9734597-7-7

The Buddha-nature is a universal reality and our connection to all that is. Writing in an accessible and down-to-earth manner, Sheldon Moore outlines this subject and connects it to Buddha Shakyamuni’s Eightfold Path. But according to Moore, the great way is accessible in ordinary life and more immediately via our connection to nature.
Remember Zen has a very inclusive outlook that shows that the process of our awakening is not limited to any religious connection but is rather related to our core nature as aspects of and representations of a single . Still, our awakening has to be lived and Sheldon Moore highlights some of the ways humanity must change to become an enlightened species.

REMEMBER ZEN: Awaken the Buddha-nature Within

Approaches the process of awakening through Zen Buddhism and
outlines a method for shifting the Buddha-nature within.

Author: Sheldon Moore
Genre: Zen Buddhism / Awakening / Simplicity
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" soft cover; 248 pp
ISBN: 978-0-9734597-7-7
Retail: $23.95

Excerpt covering at least the list of contents

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