Posted: 01 Sep 2010 11:39 AM PDT

Channeled by for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

This is indeed a convoluted day. What is does not seem correct; and
what is not seems as if it should be. Do not despair. Once again you are
in a shift – a bit like “ falling down the rabbit hole.

This week is a mirage.  It is designed to ground you and allow you to
once again decide the correct path. For those of you experiencing
discomfort, we add a thought that will not necessarily make you happy,
but will help you understand.

Many of you reading “Brenda&;s Blogs” are in a relatively
calm state of being. You moved through your greatest fears months or
even years ago. Indeed, you are the scout masters and wagon train
leaders of this movement.

Yet, so many people you love are experiencing pain and fear. The
that you are wishes to help your wagon train members easily move
through the difficult pieces they are experiencing. You feel
uncomfortable living the ‘good life’ as those around you seem to be
falling apart.

Do you need to feel guilty? Not in the least. Those of you having an
uncomfortable day or week – even though you have, on the whole, breezed
through the multiple shifts in the last few months – have returned to
your Old Age care-taking mode.

Of course, you do not wish to learn this on two levels:

  • In the past, you worked diligently, and alone we might add, to clear
    your major issues. Yet, today you feel as if you are at step one in the
    clearing process. You are stressed, weary and fearful. Does this pain
    ever end?
  • Secondly, you thought you cleared your caretaker needs months ago.
    Yet, you feel as if you are revisiting the issues you so carefully
    explored in the past.

You are correct on both levels. You no longer need to address
caretaker issues. What kind of scout master would you be if you returned
to your wagon train with comments like, “It is really scary out there.
Would someone please hold my hand as I move through the next mountain

And what type of role model would you be if you believed you had the
strength to move through issues without assistance, but others did
not? Is that not similar to the thoughts of missionaries and social
service personnel in past generations? The “I am strong, but you are
weak so I need to take care of you” thought process that created the
victim/power schism that you are moving away from.

Some of you are thinking that your latest trauma is impacting you as
much as it is anyone else – that you are the center of the storm and not
the observer. Perhaps you are, but that is only so because you have
placed yourself in the center of the storm for a reason. Most likely,
that reason has more to do with care taking than a need to revisit the
pain and trauma you have already moved through.

Allow yourself to breathe. Take a deep breath. Remember how much you
have already moved through. And then remember why you needed to move
through those issues before others. You are a scout master. You are a
wagon train leader.

Address your current issues of concern with your new skills.

Ask yourself why you needed to re-address fear. If your answer is
that you have not yet moved through a particular issue, remember how
many traumatic issues you have already moved through without assistance.
You are strong and capable.

Again, you are strong and capable. But then, so is everyone else. No
one needs a shoulder to cry on anymore. They require the image of you
having moved through your traumatic issues – with resulting overall  joy
and peace. It does others little good to see you falling apart. Nor
does it do you any good to do so.

You have the skills, as you have displayed so brilliantly in the
past, to move through these most recent and relatively simple tasks, we
might add, without much thought or concern. Tap into you.
Stop depending on your Old Age skills to move you through New Age
issues. Most importantly, stop care taking others. They are as strong
and capable as you.

How do you move through your current issues? How indeed? Open your
tool box and find the correct tool for you. Unlike the Old Age, there is
not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to each dilemma. We cannot tell you
what to do. You already know – you have passed through the ‘eye of the
storm.’ You are more skilled than we are in this arena.

Just as we cannot tell you how to move through this week’s trauma,
you cannot tell someone else how to do so. Do you not remember how you
poured through numerous resources including written materials,
counselors, friends and support groups to find your way out of your pain
a few years ago? Do you not remember how you grabbed a piece from this
source; and this and that from another to create a healing that was
truly your own?

Allow others that same healing freedom. No one can heal your loved
one’s pain for them – anymore than you can make someone stop abusing
drugs or alcohol.

At the same time, remember that your self-healing skills are much
stronger than they were when you moved through your most deeply
entrenched fears. In comparison, what you are experiencing today or this
week is minimal. Allow yourself to know that. Then allow yourself to
feel the joy you wish to feel; and allow others to find their own
healing solutions.

You are not helping others by returning to or remaining in pain, you
are merely postponing the inevitable joy of the New Age. Breathe in that
joy. Open your new tool kit of healing resources and allow others to do
the same. This is not the Age of pain and fear. This is the Age of joy.
And as a scout master or wagon train leader, it is your role to explore
and experience that joy fully.

It helps no one,  including yourself, to return to Old Age feelings.
Your role in this New Age transition is to explore your new tool kit and
to display your new skills in joy and pleasure. No more and no less. So
be it. Amen.

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