I kinda feel like an electron. Continuously bumping into the same other electrons. Sometimes the pattern changes, and I bumping into new ones, while some of the old ones still remain, but seem less relevant. That’s probably when I’ve skipped a bond, and started orbiting a new nucleus, adjacent to the one I was in….


image borrowed from this interesting page…..

The analogy holds only partially, or does it? We were taught in school that electrons orbit a nucleus, and most will probably have assumed the electrons would always orbit the same one. But electric current is a clear example of quite the opposite: electrons travel there, from one orbit to the next, from one end of the wire to the other. And they do not do that in a straight line!

We humans do much the same: we have a number of nuclei we’re attracted to, and spend our days orbiting them. For most it with family, which is then expanded with the one neighborhood, followed by kindergarten, school, highschool, college, work, and all interlaced by that special one home. Most humans additional nuclei, like sports clubs, poker nights, girlfriends, more or less weird hobbies, etc. But we always return home, where we feel best.

Home to the many just signifies the place where they sleep, a shelter of varied complexity and luxury, where one can be him- or herself. Others have more transient homes. They spend a lot of time with school friends, simply because it feels more like home to them than ‘home’. Funny observation is that I used to be such a kid, more interesting in playing at a friends home than being home with my family. I never questioned that urge, or even pointed a clear finger at whatever was the cause of it. But I did. And the weird thing is that now, I have that kind of a home, where certain friends of my daughters are always found, and my ex is frequently mentioning the fact that their parents are too preoccupied with their own lives to be bothered by the fact their kids always go to friends’ places. I just smile, and remark I don’t quite see it that way.

What I  see is the difference between those who crave a traditional home, where home and family coincide, as a consolidated base against the outside world. And then there are those who still appreciate home, yet see it as a separate entity from the family nucleus. Thus we all assign our nuclei certain labels, sometimes even more than one. It’s like the urban legend about the little black that single guys are said to always carry around: a name, a way to reach said name, and the positive attributes that said temporary partner is loved for. Some actually have it, others keep it safe in their mind, as their roadmap around the nuclei they love to frequent. Well, guilty as charged probably, but mine at being reduced to just a single name, and fits easily inside a small corner of my mind at least.

Or does it? I find my map of the Cosmos, acquired during the last 48 years, is the most important one to me. It has nuclei in it I’ll probably ’t ever orbit, but that map requires almost the full processing capacity of my quite formidable dual-core processor.  And believe it or not, that map is in fact my little black book: candidates are not so much jotted down for my singular preferences on how they should  look or act, but much more on how they know their way around my map, even though they have only seen of it. I guess the One would be that being who could navigate it perfectly, without me telling her anything about it.

What I’ve seen so far though, is that those best equipped to do that, are usually also the ones that all other preferences that only loosely connect to the map. I guess that’s also a of resonance, just like the electron’s curvy traveling around its various nuclei is. Somewhere there’s a connection in here to that mechanism of manifestation that I’ve not been able to grasp completely yet. But like all matters of inspiration, I’ll just have to drop it and circle around some more nuclei until I get it…..

Just one more observation though: whatever you do, keep circling, and especially  keep hopping from one nucleus to the next. Because without that, you are not considered to be an electric current, but just a charge. And we all know it’s current that causes magnetism, and vice versa. A Charge is just static, a potential to be current and magnetism.

Love your orbits, they are what gets you around.