Let no one deny you your rights to your own beliefs, but honor
another soul who has chosen a different path. It should be possible to
exist side by side, without causing issues that bring about
confrontation. It may be hard at times to observe others who follow
their faith that involves persecution of their own kind. However, it
must be borne in mind, that all souls are following a path that they
have chosen for themselves. It is therefore important that you do not
interfere with them, even although your motives may be of the highest
order. You experience what is necessary for your ,
and there are no exceptions to it. So Dear Ones, you may ask how are you
to deal with such a situation, and the answer is simply by example. If
you believe that by doing so you can influence another person for the
better, that is as much as you can do.

Man has perpetually interfered with other races and groups, and it
has led to wars and hatred that has continued for millennia of time. You
can apply the same observations where individuals are involved, and
resentment and outright hostility can result. Now clearly young people
need guidance, but when they come of age they will seek their own
expression of what life means to them. As any parent knows, it can be a
very difficult period for everyone involved. Parents have a great
responsibility to guide their children, in such a way that they become
worthy citizens. If you apply that thinking to a more spiritual level,
you will understand that there is little if any difference in your

Taking it all even to a higher level, you will see that God is like a
parent, indeed do you not refer to having a Father/. God
takes loving care of you, but at the same time grants you freewill to
experience exactly as you wish. If you stray from the Light there are no
recriminations or punishment, as some believe. God will time and time
again bless you, and surround you with love knowing that in time you
will return to the Light. If you consider the present situation on
Earth, you will realize that freewill has led you to this period in your
growth. It could have been left to continue with the prospect of Man’s
demise, but with divine decree you are being given the opportunity of
. That we would say is an indication of the outpouring of love
that the Creator has for all of you. We are referring to Unconditional
Love, and that is the goal of very single soul as they evolve back to
the Source. To reach such a level whilst on Earth is indeed most
difficult because of the conditions created by duality. However, if it
is your intent to live that way as far as possible, then you are well on
your way to ascending. The lower vibrations cannot keep you back, and
at a certain point you would in any event ascend.

The journey to freedom may be long as you experience it, but all of
the way you are being accompanied by souls who are guiding you onto the
path of Light and Love. There are times when people feel that they have
been deserted, but be assured that your guides are always with you. It
is just that when you are at a low point, you are much harder to reach.
As we have explained previously, it is your karma and need for certain
experiences that often prevents direct intervention. Yet, many of you
can recall times when you have been “miraculously” saved from some harm
because you have been given help by your Angelic Guides. Even after you
ascend higher Beings accompany you, but it becomes a more open
relationship of which you have full awareness.

We continue to acquaint you with the facts relating to your lives
upon Earth, and how much of it at this time is preparation for changes,
and subsequent lives in the higher dimensions. You need to bridge the
gap caused by your descent into the lower realms, and your loss of
consciousness of your real selves. The more you remember whom you really
are, the quicker you will evolve to full consciousness. It is like
entering the gateway to the Sun, and you suddenly find yourself engulfed
in the Light. All of these type of experiences should come quite
naturally to you, as you are returning to levels that are familiar to

The is as ready as ever to open a friendly
relationship with you. We know you and your ways of thinking very well,
and that enables us to negotiate with you successfully. We come not to
dictate to you, but bring us together in our joint ventures. We will
however ensure that you are well prepared, for the final days upon Earth
in this particular dimension. In effect, we are saying that if you want
to join us, then you have to become one of us. Since some of you are
already from civilizations that are members of our Federation, it will
not present any difficulties for you. Quite naturally you will want to
meet your family once your sojourn upon Earth is completed. These ideas
are possibly new to you now, but as you get used to us and learn more
about us it will all seem so familiar to you.

Never before have you been faced with such important decisions in
your lifetime, as the opportunity to ascend en masse only comes around
with the completion of a cycle. It has not been dropped upon you out of
the blue, and you have been considerably helped for quite a few hundred
years. The more you move towards the Light, the less likely you are to
slip back. It becomes a way of life that is not nearly as hard as you
might imagine. In fact, with time it does become much easier and it
gives you a very uplifted feeling. It is the ability to stay centered
when many around you are losing their head. To stay calm in the midst of
turmoil, thus bringing some stability where it is needed. For example
your will have a pacifying effect on others around you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel sure that you are feeling the
nearness of the changes that are so important to disclosure. So we will
confirm that the situation is coming to a conclusion, and nothing will
stop it happening. You have provided the necessary support that we need,
and as ever our allies are in readiness for the instruction to go
ahead. It will come suddenly upon you, and you will know for sure what
it portends where your future is concerned. Oh what joy and ecstasy will
follow at the first signs of your release from the hold of the dark
Ones, what memorable days lay ahead.

Thank you SaLuSa.


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