Channeler: Mike Quinsey

Everything is racing along its allotted path, and when it all comes
together you will have reached . It is the final act that will
close the door on , and see you moving into the higher realms.
The ideal conditions for the end times to materialize are fast
approaching, and all that you have been working for will be your reward.
Subconsciously you have always known it to be so, as you knew this
lifetime would lead to a successful conclusion. If you keep your sights
upon the good that is to come out the chaos, you will be able to keep
out of troubles way and take everything in your stride. After all you
have been preparing for these times over many lives. Your final
experiences will be ones of , and you will have everything
that you need to establish yourself as a Galactic Being.

From where you are your expectations for the future seem so far away,
yet unbeknown to you advancement continues to bring the times of great
change much nearer. It is possible to live in the way you envisage is
necessary for Ascension, as it requires no more than the intent to treat
others as you would have them treat you. Love is the key word in the
, and it is an that is pure ecstasy to enjoy.
All of you at some time have experienced the joy of such a vibration,
but have yet to know the power that it carries. You will exist in a
constant state of elation, and happiness that knows no bounds.

You have so much to look forward to, and making every effort to be
ready for your Ascension will ensure your success. As you must know by
now some souls will not feel ready to move on, finding contentment in
their present existence. They will however have subconsciously noted
what has taken place, and these memories will in a later period of time
awaken them to the truth of their being. You never totally lose your
memory of the trials and tribulations you have experienced, or the joy
and happiness you have shared. It is what life is about and it is
planned life by life to advance you spiritually. No souls are beyond
help, but can sometimes become virtual prisoners in the depths of
darkness that can overwhelm them.

Clearly it is hoped that as many souls as possible achieve the great
leap forward, and there will be no lack of guidance from their helpers.
However cycles of opportunity will continue to come around, and those
who choose to remain in their present dimension will have periodic
chances of upliftment. It is quite possible that some of you will choose
to serve those in such a position, as their Guides. There are a number
of options open to you after you have ascended, and they will reflect
your new found love for all life. For those of you who are uncertain
about their future, there are Higher Beings who have a greater spiritual
understanding that will preside over your decision making.

What you are learning on Earth is that duality is an illusion, and
bears little resemblance to the dimensions where you really belong.
However, it needs an awakening of Self to the truth, before you can
really appreciate what you left behind in taking on the challenge of
duality. Now the intense Light starts to shine out from Earth, and we
know that it signifies your superb response to the energies converging
upon Earth. Can you doubt that Ascension is a certainty, because
regardless of what the dark Ones do to impede your progress, it will not
make any difference. The battle that has been taking place between the
dark and Light always had a predictable outcome; even so you had your

The is in touch with the Ascended Masters, and
many Higher Beings that form the various Brotherhoods. We respect their
position and authority but do not regard them in awe, as we all have our
particular responsibilities working as One. On Earth you tend to work
against each other, rather than in friendly cooperation, which you will
find becomes more evident with our coming. By that time major changes
will have occurred that will remove the obstacles to such cooperation.
At heart you are all benign Beings seeking peace and comfort in your
lives. That has been deliberately denied you by the dark Ones, who have
caused chaos wherever they have gained control. Fortunately that control
is rapidly vanishing, and now you are experiencing the inevitable
difficulties of releasing yourselves from them.

As ascended Beings one of your most exhilarating experiences, will be
your new body. They will be of energy and lightness so that you barely
realize you have one, and because you are in the higher vibrations you
will feel the perfection that they bring you. No aches or pains, or
disabilities as along with illnesses they cannot exist in the high
vibrations. On Earth your bodies by contrast are like lead weights, and
sensitive to discomfort and disease. Your new bodies will be
indestructible, and you will simply move to another one when you choose
to change it. You will find that they do not wear out, and by your
understanding last indefinitely. Finally, when out of the body you will
be able to take on any appearance you desire, which may be useful when
meeting up with souls who would not otherwise recognize you.

The significance of the changes we have mentioned may not dawn upon
you, but they mean you have total independence. It is a freedom that is
at present difficult for you to comprehend, but deep within you will
acknowledge it as one of your sovereign rights. These will gradually be
restored as you rise up, and become completely restored with the ongoing
process of Ascension. As you will no doubt realize, there is quite a
big jump to be made from your present situation. However, it will take
off very soon and the changes will come fast and frequently.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and privileged to have this contact with you.
From it you gain some idea of what we are like, and our outlook on
life. We are different to you because we are already ascended Beings,
but our mission is to bring you alongside with us. For those who come
with us we shall move into other parts of the Galaxy, as we seek more
opportunities to serve those evolving into the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.


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