Channeler: Mike Quinsey

You are in unusual times and so shall it continue until the course
for mankind becomes clear. There are signs that indicate progress is
being made, and the longer it goes on the nearer you come to the day of
reckoning for the Illuminati. There is no way back for them, as we are
at the end of a cycle that will see the passing of the . It is
changing along with you and all life forms upon it. As individuals some
of you are noting the changes within self, and it is a feeling of
contentment and peace that is not affected by what is going on around
you. You carry a positive outlook and know that you will go all the way
to . That is what we have been working towards for a very long
time and as we repeatedly inform you, nothing can stop it coming.

Your Sun continues to play a major part in what is happening
throughout the solar system. Its intensity is increasing and it is
bringing a response from you and . Physical changes will
increase proportionally, but we are here to ensure that they do not have
devastating results. We are protecting you as far as possible, but some
loss of life is inevitable. Simply remember that all souls on Earth to
witness and take part in the end times, are those who desired to be
present. Fear nothing that happens as we are working behind the scenes,
and before long we will be able to do so openly. The official contact
with you may well come all of a sudden, and be accompanied by an
organized showing of our craft. Matters are coming to a head and whilst
our patience is unlimited, there are nevertheless time lines that we
must necessarily adhere to.

Your continue to grow exponentially, and it
gathers speed as those who are ahead are instrumental in helping others
lift up. This will continue unabated, and the dark Ones no longer have
any answer or means of stopping it. They try to bury their head in the
sand and ignore the obvious consequences, but will soon discover that it
is a quicksand and that their time is up. We will always have the upper
hand as when our negotiations are refused, we can use our divine
authority to bring a sudden and complete end to their power. They cannot
hold us to ransom or prevent mankind moving forward. As you might say,
our offer is on the table and it is final but either way we shall lead
you on to Ascension.

The energies as ever continue to charge the Earth, and are being felt
by those who are sensitive to the changes. Your scientists are also
noting what is happening, but presently cautious and not totally
prepared to voice their findings. However, the truth will slowly come
out, and help establish the truth of what has been taking place and the
effect upon you. What is happening is the wonderful and beautiful
transformation of Mother Earth and all life forms, and already it is
there for you to see if you are awakened to it. See the new, rather than
focus on the old as it disintegrates before your eyes, and this way you
will place your where it does the most good.

Although conditions continue to be chaotic in many parts of the
world, there is nevertheless an underlying sense of peace as the
ultimate goal is realized. Being able to go through life without fear
allows for such an achievement, as there is nothing that can bring your
vibrations down. You can face any trauma with full confidence, knowing
that in a relatively short time everything will change for the good of
all. With each change the greater goal will become apparent, and you
will achieve even more confidence. To hold on to your faith is asking a
lot without proof of what is to come, but that will be given as soon as
our presence is officially recognized. Also when we can openly come to
Earth, we will make presentations that will ensure you are fully aware
of what is involved in preparing for Ascension. We are on this journey
with you and we want to share our knowledge with you. After all, many of
you will eventually join us and you will quickly be lifted to our
dimensional level.

We note that the financial situation is leading towards a total
revision, and already the break up of large organizations is proposed.
As smaller units they will be more manageable and easily controlled, so
that there is never a repeat of the fiasco that has brought countries to
their knees. Power is to correctly revert to the people from whom
unscrupulous bankers took it many years ago. This will all be part of
the restoration of your rights, and will continue until once again you
are Sovereign Beings. This is an absolute promise and part of the divine
decree to restore you and your Earth to what it used to be. Then it
shall continue to lift up through the process of Ascension and beyond,
in a never-ending journey to even higher dimensions.

Whatever way you look at it the future for you is assured, and you
will be following in the footsteps of those who have gone before. You
will understand that there is nothing new that is taking place, as it is
a natural step up that occurs when souls have reached a certain level
of consciousness. The old will have served its purpose well, and you are
ready for new adventures. However, these will be in the higher
dimensions unless you elect to serve other civilizations that are still
in duality. The Galactic Federation will exist in its present format,
until every civilization has evolved sufficiently to join us. That is
our service to others through the ordination by God, and that is why we
are here in great numbers to see you safely achieve Ascension.

Meantime we urge you to never relax your , as until we remove
the dark ones they will continue to try their best to abort the work we
are doing together. Our allies are spread all over the world, but the
main focus is still upon America. It is where it is expected that the
long awaited announcement about us will come from very soon. Yes, you
have heard this many times but it does draw nearer and with a number of
options in mind, we know it cannot be delayed much longer.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we are encircling your
Earth so that nothing escapes our attention. From our position we can
act instantly if the situation calls for it. We limit the effects of
natural and also unnatural changes, but many have to be allowed to occur
for the sake of Mother Earth. So Dear Ones, know that all proceeds well
regardless of how it looks to you. Progress takes place even if it is
not apparent to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.


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