Sunday, 26 September 2010 12:37

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Greetings glorious wayfarers of the path,

Many of you are now at the point where you no longer need to read
information from outside sources since you are now becoming finely tuned
to receiving your own. This is a great step forward and this has taken
much releasing, letting go on a personal and collective level. There are
many of you that speak of first contact and since each has their own
important unfolding of their path there is no one definitive path or
for first contact to finally occur.

In the fifth dimension time is no more. Many light servers build
their expectations around first contact and are thus disappointed when
these expectations are not met. It has never been a busier time than it
is now as we your friends prepare the earth and the
for a new time and creating a new world where peace settles permanently.
There is a way to go yet. First contact does occur. This is transpiring
at a timeline in your imagined future.

There are many probabilities that are spoken about in channelled
material that is out there. We would say to you put your hand on your
heart and ask yourself what set of circumstances resonate in your being
as probable and likely. We live in a multiverse and there are countless
realities bridging with one another all the time. Our approach with
first contact is to be assured that humanity are ready to experience our
presence when we do finally reveal ourselves.

First contact is a diverse subject with many probabilities. There is
so much playing out currently on your beautiful blue orb. Evacuations
are possible in a dramatic unfolding of earth events however for now we
look forward to making ourselves known to you all in a manner that is
comfortable for one and all. For many at this time first contact would
appear most frightening. We always take the full scenario into account
before any final decisions are made regarding your world.

First contact has already occurred where the new earth is strongly
merging with existing earth. It is going to require quite a shaking up
of this world to shift this planet beyond its current destructive state.
Your lightservers are doing all that they can and each focus from an
awakened heart alters the course for this world infinitely and always.
Be with the moment and ask your own heart when do you feel this great
event is due to occur. There is much information out there right now and
it is most important to be discerning.

We your friends love you beyond measure. You are all making great
strides as you move ever closer to the land of the new earth. Right now
the situation with the planet earth is rocky and this is simply paving
the way for what is soon to come. We will keep you all informed of what
you can expect to occur in the coming time. My thanks for your attention
and I will speak again very soon.

With all my love,


Blessings, Mark.