This month brings a sense of making a decision. Choice. Black,
or white? Here, or there? Should I stay or should I go? For many, what
begins the month is the feeling that something must be done. That
action is necessary in order to create the next step or enter the next
phase. That everything will remain as it is unless something is done to
stop the status quo or to move into what comes next.

What we
feel on a personal level is much like a microcosm of what is taking
place on a global level. This is frequently the case, even for those who
don&;t maintain of the overall connection of all
beings. The awareness lies underneath where we can’t always touch it,
yet it is there nonetheless: supporting us, creating a foundation,
acting as an underground spring and giving lifeblood to all actions,
thoughts, and emotions. On a global level, then, such a sense of
decision is also apparent.

This reminds us of last September,
one year ago, where there was a similar choice point available and then
taken. Two diverging roads in a wood. One road was taken. Many of you
felt this and felt anxiety and unease in the first part of that month as
the choice point approached. Would we take the “right” road? Where is the world headed? What does this mean to me, to my family, to my community?

it may be inappropriate to comment on the road taken – good? Or bad? –
it is certain that the road that was taken a year ago has led us to
the point upon which we all now stand. The entire past year would not
be possible without the collective choice that was made a year ago. And
here we all are now, feeling again the slight unease that comes with
the feeling that something must be done. Change is going to happen. I need to get on board. I need to do something – anything.

the sense of decision is not as strong or compelling as it was a year
ago, it nonetheless seems to require attention. There are a few
components to this:

1. Timeline. The month of
September can be roughly split in half, with the first half being
devoted to this sense of needing to take action and the second half
being devoted to a feeling of regret for having taken that action or
having made that choice, as well as dealing with the aftermath of
whatever decision was made. We’ll offer more on that aftermath a bit
later in this transmission.

2. Action. What is
action? It is helpful to remember that inaction is still an action.
Your particular circumstance may not lend itself this month to any
dramatic choice or action, but even the act of NOT doing is an action
and has a result.

3. Urges. Usually when we see
someone in the throes of obsessively attending to urges that arise, we
suggest that instead of going with the urge that they instead sit with
the feeling. What is underneath it? What is being avoided? In this
case, then, we offer much the same: if you are feeling the urge to DO,
try sitting with that feeling for an hour, a day, a few days. Does the
feeling change? Does it have anything else to say to you? How do you
feel about your seeming inaction? Does it tell you anything about who
you are?

4. Everything changes. When you give
yourself enough space to rest in What Is, you realize that the present
moment exists in an eyeblink, and once you even acknowledge the moment
is there, it vanishes. Nothing stays the same. If you hold onto What
Was, there is no room for What Comes Next.

Decisions made this
month will be primarily made on a personal level. These collective
decisions will affect everyone overall; there is no escaping that. But
what is being felt now lies primarily with the individual. What
direction will I take? What do I need to do to support my family, my
friends, my community, my self? What comes next for me?
That these
choices, or the appearance of choices, are concerned mainly with the
individual level makes them no less important to the overall global
direction. You have all heard of the ripple analogy: what actions you
take (even actions such as thoughts, emotions, and simply breathing)
radiates outward from you like ripples in a pond after a stone is
dropped in. These ripples touch the myriad other ripples in the same
pond, the ripples of your family, your neighbors, your countrymen, and
indeed, all humankind and beings on the planet. Every ripple touches
every other. You will feel – in some way – the decisions being made
half a world away from you. You’ll adjust your own choices accordingly,
at least in some small way. There is no escaping this. You cannot NOT
be touched by the entire world around you.

What if you are not
particularly feeling as if you need to make a choice this month? Does
that mean you are disconnected, out of touch, or lacking in some
fashion? Not at all. Not everyone experiences overall energies in the
same way. While a majority of people will be a sense of action this
month that will help them feel more secure and certain about What Comes
Next, others will be simply attending to the needs of life. This
doesn’t mean that action won’t be taken or that choices will not be
made, but it does invite awareness of those feelings within you this
month. Conscious choosing will help you feel more empowered.

September 15, you’ll be dealing with the aftermath of however you
spent the first half of the month. If you made a big step toward
something new, or a big step away from something old, you may experience
a sense of regret or “buyer’s remorse”: Did I make the right choice? Can I un-choose? Is this really the “right” path for me?
If you find yourself in this space, be kind to yourself. Allow yourself
some time to grieve the choices not taken. Allow yourself the very
human response of anxiety over what comes next. You needn’t be
overwhelmed by that anxiety, but pushing it away entirely won’t help you
either. Be kind to yourself in this time. Allow space for what comes
up: fear, loneliness, resentment, even exuberance. Realize that those
feelings won’t last forever either and that they are a natural defense
to the changes you seek to make.

Another feeling that will be
common in this time is euphoria. Understand that like its twin
despondency, this sense of euphoria is short-lived and ephemeral. Revel
in it if it comes to you and is a part of your experience this month –
why waste an opportunity to dance? But understand this it, too will
pass. Trying to hold onto euphoria is like trying to bite a soap
bubble. Enjoy the feeling while it is with you, and choose to not blame
yourself for its lack when it passes.

However, this widespread
euphoria will be spreading its own ripples. Expect some internal
shakeups as well as global upheaval toward the end of the month, from
the 25th onward. This type of upheaval will likely be weather-related,
with more than a good chance of a devastating Atlantic hurricane or a
tsunami possible in this time.

Practices this month to assist you with the energies

Not a meditator? You can always start a practice. Go easy on yourself
and try simply inserting a “pause” into your day at various intervals.
This can be done anywhere, at any time, and will help you ground and
center. Stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and just listen to
the sounds around you for one minute. That’s all. Just listen to the
sounds in the room or within hearing, without judgment. Always hated
the ticking sound of that clock? Fine. But for one minute, just hear
the ticks. If a reaction comes up, just let it be there. After all,
you’re only listening for one minute! You can do anything for a minute.
This practice will help you learn about what it feels like to be
present in the moment.

Virtual hand-holding and hugs.
Remember the connection you have to every other being on the planet,
and the idea that you feel the ripples sent out by the other seven
billion inhabitants? Use this feeling to send out specific ripples of
your own. This practice may take you several minutes, or as long as you
wish. Try to remember to do it daily. Close your eyes and remember all
those seven billion ripples. Follow the ripples to your heart. Then,
from your heart, send out the feeling of holding someone’s hand and
offering love and support. Or send from your heart the feeling of
hugging someone dear to you. Be sure to notice what you feel in return.

Notes on Choices

Many people grow quite concerned with the prospect of making the “right” choice. Will
it support me on a soul level? Will I feel nourished? What will people
think of me as a result? How will it affect the people in my life? How
can I know it is the right choice for me?
While these are valid
concerns on a surface level, deep on a soul level those worries fall
away. When you rest in the knowledge that every choice can be undone or
changed in some way, and that nothing stays the same forever, some of
the burden of making the “right” choice falls away. And when you become
quiet within and listen to that still small voice within you, all
choices made from this place will feel good and true.

How do I know I can trust the voice within me?
This can be difficult. Society teaches one to look toward an external
authority for guidance (parents, teachers, political leaders, spiritual
figures) rather than to look within. But the heart knows – on some
level – about What Comes Next for each person. When in doubt, go with
your heart.

Each person comes to a place of knowingness in a
different way, and some may never quite arrive. But having the trust
that on a soul level, everything always makes sense and works to the
highest good of those concerned, can be comforting. For you, then, we
can say that the movement made this month will go a long way toward
showing you your own still small voice within. This is a pivotal month
in that way, giving people the opportunity to find, refine, or discover
elements of their own inner guidance in a way that works best. This,
then, is what you have to look forward to this month. Ask for guidance
from a mentor to help you through the process, or simply sit quietly
and listen to what occurs as a result.


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