They love them in the , because their capacity to do damage is very controlled,  very focused on the weak spots  of the . The Shape Charges I’m talking about however, are not intended for anything particularly violent, they are just neutral mind tools.

True, they could just as easily be turned to dark, but I’ll just use light examples, if you don’t mind.

What I’m aiming at, is manifestation. We’ve all heard how there is discussion about how often an intention should be spoken, and all sides claim to have results with their approach. To me, that’s a sign that all approaches work. I’ve had personal experience show me a oneshot without any afterthought turns out to work great, but it generated a sync that was a half-finished product, which left me pining for the real thing…

Now a oneshot might solve the rest too, if I could summon up the faith that it would. But I’m like the not too clever guy in Hollow Man: I can’t jump from A to D without having to go through B and C first!

So, I came up with the Shape Charge: just model your to build up that faith, that success will be yours, and you’re home free. And yes, you’re right, someone else probably thought of it first. But in a Cosmos that is infinite, and where time is an illusion, does that really matter?

Basically, you just innundate your neural network with the objective you’re aiming at. Go for any amount of detail you require, just to make sure that wherever these details come up, your target is the next thing you think of. Draw it, photograph it, walk around in it, or dream about it. I’m saying it, but it could easily be a him or her.

And don’t worry about free will either: infinity being what it is, there are infinite universes where the object of your affection can’t stand the sight of you, but just accept that for what it is and aim for the infinite universes where he or she adores you, or feels about you any way you like!

Funny I just now so easily  sidestepped the one thing I lamented about in my first homemade article of the day (Which shows that change is constant, and the only constant is change. That, and Bashar’s three laws): yes, free will matters if it is yours: others are there in all the variations you require, and all those you could do without. Choose without hesitation!

Just model it any way you can, like I drew my dream house in fully detailed plans at age 14, redid it in Persistence of Vision in 2008, and then used it as a story element in my second novel. I actually expect it to emerge in years to come, possibly even 2012, to fulfill the destiny for which it was conceived. All just a matter of getting that parallel universe jumping under control….  And I’m close!

Love your jumps,