At the Unitarian church today it was the teenagers that gave a sermon.  They mentioned that on their retreats they learned to be with a diverse group of people.  It didn’t matter whether they were hazelnut or burgandy colored or their preferences in life, all were regal.  In talking about faith they knew it would come at the moment they walked in the fork in the road and the signs would glow and say "we know you and turn right here."  Mainly they were learning to co-create in pure love for humanity.  These teens have grown into adulthood and are using freedom to voyage out and speak their mind.   In having confidence they are taking care of their spirit and know that all else will fall into place.  Every moment is contrast and movement and they are going with the expansion, not resistant.   In setting forth their desires, they imagine it and are coming from a place of already having it then they join it from an emotion of joy and their desire be-ing comes…….Then self improvement is the by product.  The beautiful quality of songs they sang and piano music they composed was a testament to the they feel with God and love without end.