Sheldon Nidle Sirian Update Sept 7/10

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the and the Galactic Federation

11 Chicchan, 7 Zip, 7 Ik

Selamat Jaran! We return with more information about your world,
Mother Earth, and your ascension into full consciousness. In our last
few messages, we focused on the history of the UFO cover-up and the
Anglo-American contingent of the dark cabal. We talked about how this
group, whose ultimate intention was to become the favorite of their
overlords, was following a grand scheme hatched several decades
ago. This scheme was to reach maturity in the mid-1990s, but the abrupt
switch of the Anunnaki to the Light astonished and shocked the
cabalists, compelling them to come up with a new plan to secure a global
position of preeminence. After a series of setbacks in the late 1990s,
the American election at the millennium gave these power seekers the
supremacy they sought, quelling all remaining opposition in both the US
and the UK. A new joint policy was now possible. The grand plan also
called for a drastic large-scale domestic terror strike as a first step
on the road to global domination, and so this was duly carried out.

In recent decades, the saw much nationalization and this
change in ownership deeply worried the Anglo-American energy cartel.
Inroads into the were required in order to reassert the
necessary strong-arm dominance needed for future regional negotiations.
The same held true for , the Americas, and . Oil was a
convenient global industry that could be used to re-create the power
networks abandoned by the Anunnaki, and the dark cabal moved swiftly to
execute the strategy drawn up in the final years of the 20th century. At
the same time, we were strengthening our relationship with the groups
and individuals that were quickly becoming our Earth allies. Together,
we gathered the intelligence that illustrated how the dark’s grand plan
was to unfold. We positioned our craft around and watched
the first horrible step of this plan manifest. This ‘incident’ involved
both known and and was a dry run for an ‘event’
planned for later in the same decade: a holographic space-invasion
display using technology gleaned from their former dark off-world

The technology used on the World Trade Center was masked by the
spectacle of very realistic 3-D airplane holograms (but without the
telltale light sources). The , though primitive, was enough to
fool those not familiar with this technology. This was coupled with a
series of doctored videotapes constantly aired by the major TV networks.
The use of particle-beam weaponry and preset explosive devices
completed the theatrical display, and all went off with only minor
glitches. We could see that their level of technology had not progressed
much beyond that used in several attempts to stage false UFO invasions
in the 1990s. We advised our Earth allies of this and put into effect
the means to prevent them from using this technology in the future.
After several botched attempts to use , the
cabalists turned to nuclear conflict as a means to achieve their ends.
They focused on the flashpoints in Asia and the Middle East, and so we
sent our liaison personnel to these regions to preempt such insanity

Needless to say, we spent this decade reiterating to the major
nuclear powers that such dangerous weapons are not an option. Nuclear
arsenals must be abandoned across the board! You are entering an age of
peace and prosperity and this requires a global dedication to
disarmament. Those now in power represent the tail end of a dark age of
violence, fear, and constant deceit and mendacity! They are reeling in
disbelief as their supposedly unchallengeable empire crumbles and their
wealth, for so long squandered on their every whim, vanishes. The new
governments are set to prosecute them and return the mountains of wealth
to the people. The dark cabal’s dominion is inciting a final spasm of
chaos around the world, just like any great dying empire of the past.
New ways and attitudes are blossoming; opportunities for a new reality
are starting to materialize; and our Earth allies are preparing to
broadcast some truly startling announcements!

Your world is poised on a precipice! The dark intends to take you to
the very brink of extinction. They are a severely mean-spirited bunch,
and dealing with them is like working with a gang of spoilt and
malicious 5-year-olds who intend serious, grievous harm. It takes a
process of stick-and-carrot, outright threats, and the judicious use of
‘cattle-prod’ incentives to get their attention. They have been
notified, time and again, of what is expected of them by the Federation
and by Heaven, but most of it seems to go in one ear and out the other!
In this event, we instruct our teams to render inoperable the particular
proscribed part of their nuclear or secret-weapon ordnance, and these
demonstrations seem to get the point across for a short while. Then
their national cliques do something utterly scandalous again and the
above cycle repeats itself. At times, we dearly wish to do something to
tip the balance in favor of our Earth allies!

Heaven has decreed a timetable and this time crunch is almost upon
us. Each day we stress this fact to the cabal. We also point out that a
nuclear action on their part precipitates an immediate first contact,
and this knowledge has indeed deterred many of their most horrible
plans. Each of the major militaries of your world possesses some type of
craft weaponized to varying degrees, and these dark governments have
deployed these craft against us, both manned and unmanned, with no
success, thus further emphasizing what we tell them. Indeed, it seems
they relish these weekly cat-and-mouse games, which is another reason to
remove them from power. They are truly amoral, and we have advised our
Earth allies of their unreliability and sincerely suggest that they
never be placed in any position of consequence.

The present time is one of negotiation and preparation. What seems
insuperable today will be gone in a twinkling tomorrow. Your global
society is ready to implode; economic difficulties are not going away!
In fact, they deepen by the day. The ill-gotten gains of the dark are
evaporating, and the reign of fiat currencies and its electronic wealth
is ending. True-value, hard currency is the bridge to a time of
abundance. The prospect of this, coupled with the new transparent
banking system, makes the dark cabal cringe. For your part, be of good
cheer! The Light knows what is to be done, and all you need is to be
patient a bit longer. A great movement, with us at its back, is sweeping
over your globe and will snuff out the cruel activities of the dark.
The collapse of this world is imminent; the economics alone guarantee
the cabal’s waterloo!

As you know, Mother Earth is preparing the preliminaries to the
locking of her tectonic plates and this is causing a number of large
earthquakes. This upgraded seismic activity also results in more
volcanism, most of which, but by no means all, is confined to the
seabeds. The ‘ring of fire’ that encircles the is becoming
more active and the number of eruptions is set to nearly double in the
next few months. These eruptions are affecting your atmosphere and are
changing your planet’s climate. We observe that your weather patterns
are becoming more extreme, as highs and lows in temperature and amounts
of precipitation are increased. This is another sign that you are in a
time of transition from one reality to another.

Today, we talked about the developments that are bringing you closer
to a great time of peace and prosperity. You are also on the verge of a
grand first contact with us. We look forward to our joint celebrations
and to mentoring you through your final journey to full consciousness.
Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and
never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat
Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)