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5 Eb, 10 Zip, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We return, , with more to tell you!
Everything on your world is now progressing toward a final conclusion.
Our Earth allies and our diplomatic and liaison teams are in serious
negotiations with the dark cabal. These discussions involve a number of
crucial subjects, such as change of government; new financial and
currency systems; and delivery of the global abundance programs. These
subjects need to be formally worked out and enforcement provisions
signed off on. Once this is behind us, we can fully involve Galactic
Federation personnel to ensure that these provisions are manifested
fully and swiftly. To this end, we have concentrated on the enforcement
provisions. We intend to use our leverage to bring forward the
government transitions and put in position our Earth allies, who are
assigned to carry out all aspects of the above-mentioned changes. The
fiat money system and the global financial system set up by Dumbarton
Oaks are collapsing. Bankruptcies are secretly being announced by
several central banks, with the leading the pack.

These secret disclosures are a sign to many in the upper echelons of
the and financial services industry that a major economic
collapse is upon them and that a way out, such as a radical reform, is
urgently needed. These concerns have brought our Earth allies many new
proponents, who have been fully instructed by our Earth allies about
what is to come and how to best help us achieve our goals. The number of
converts is swelling, but until the new financial and monetary
regulations are implemented, we are keeping the new recruits minimally
informed about the talks with the dark cabal. Many details remain
outstanding; nevertheless, we are very close to the agreements we intend
to extract from the cabalists. Certain aspects of the agreements, such
as the new hard-currency system, are being put into effect, and once in
operation, will allow a whole range of changes to come on line. These
include government transitions and announcements by these new
governments regarding hard currency and debt forgiveness.

These new governments understand that a vast price and monetary
deflation are to follow these announcements. The leveling of debt to
practically zero and the large tax refunds will counter these changes.
We are moving your global society from debt to prosperity. The new
currencies will initially be exchanged at face value, and after a brief
grace period the old currencies will lose their value. Gold and silver
are to be regulated in such a way that the new currencies are seen as
secure and accepted by all. These new elements of the financial system
will return foreclosed homes to their original occupants and introduce a
new concept of land property, or ‘’. As stewards of Gaia,
you will be shown a new system that falls somewhere between what is
common practice in Inner Earth and present surface-world customs. Real
estate, or land property, is truly a misnomer: everything is sacred to
, and you are only a temporary keeper of her land. Gaia is
sacred, and she needs to be honored while you live on her.

Each parcel of land relates to the land surrounding it, and so the
occupiers of each parcel need to adopt a collective approach. It is
important to be involved with land management policy and to know what is
happening in your community. Try to comprehend why this holistic
approach is necessary. Each piece of land relates to the ecosystem as a
whole and this has implications for your specific environment. To honor
Gaia means that you see the land around you in new ways. Bear in mind
that the health of the planet is affected by what you do collectively.
It is for this reason that the huge multinational corporations, which
rely on ownership of land containing ‘natural resources’ such as ,
gas, coal, etc., be advised that a new form of responsible land
management honoring Mother Earth is to be instituted. These rules of
guardianship require a considerable degree of common understanding and
mutual acceptance, and to do this, a well-thought-out public education
program is obviously essential.

It is one thing to have a new government institute a range of new
concepts, and another entirely to have the public accept them. This
challenge is to fall upon a special committee of select members of the
new governments and us. Before the landings and the official first
contact, you need to be apprised of a number of new concepts. You may
remember our mentioning that you are to be given a whole range of new
responsibilities. We know from our nightly interactions with you where
each of you stands on a vast array of subjects. Our objective is to be
wayshowers; which means, to ‘show you a way’ to adopt sensible
alternatives and improvements to your current core concepts. To this
end, we have put together a program of enlightenment teachings that will
be headed by committees responsible for transferring essential
information. Each committee can adopt changes that they feel best suit
their respective national populations.

The purpose behind these changes is to prepare you for first contact.
The dark cabal deeply wishes to put an end to you and your swift
awakening. Many of you have awakened over the past year, and the number
rises each month at an accelerating pace. We see that the dark is
extremely upset by what Heaven is accomplishing in the face of the
appalling policy of pogroms intended to prevent your awakening and
reduce your numbers. And yet these dark strategies are not working!
Heaven and the Light are set upon unfolding the divine plan, which
states unequivocally that the time of the dark is over and that your
return to full consciousness is a done deal! Sacred pacts with
physicality and with the Galactic Federation ensure that these divine
intentions are duly manifested. We have preliminary authority to land at
a prescribed time in your near future!

This sacred timetable means that you are not to live much longer in
the morass that the dark has made of your reality. A scenario is in
place and will be put into operation by us with Heaven’s blessing. The
dark is in full knowledge of this and yet persists in trying to create a
different outcome. Heaven and our representatives have fully informed
your major governments, and only a few of them wish to disregard
Heaven’s mandates. Their delaying tactics speak to their unabated
hubris, and this has led to the formation of the negotiating teams we
mentioned at the start of this message. The purpose is simply to switch
your governments legally to ones that truly represent your changing
outlook. The time has come for these changes to happen!

The momentum for change is growing. Seers, channellers, and others
who see and hear from the Light are forecasting this great period of
change. Each has a somewhat different scenario for what is to come. Our
comment here is that a coherent physical drive, or manifesting
intention, is required. Concerning the intentions of the dark ones, they
have been told repeatedly that nuclear destruction is not an option;
neither is the ploy of a false space-invasion display, which they have
attempted to stage repeatedly. Time and again they have tried to
attacked our craft and motherships, and have even applied to their
former dark star-empire allies for assistance. All fell flat. Despite
this, they persist, and very shortly their failure will resound across
the planet!

Today, we added to the information that is preparing you for what
lies just ahead, including our latest activities with the dark cabal.
Our Earth allies are ready to step up to the plate. Our intent is to
support this, and at the right time to land and celebrate the new dawn
on your world. Be patient a bit longer, knowing that a great many
dedicated individuals are completing vital tasks. Know, dear Ones, in
your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending
Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat
Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be In Joy!) info@paoweb.com