Monday, September 13, 2010

The Purge

Since the solstice in June, and as a result of the mega celestial lineup
of the last few months, there has been…in addition to many other
things…an all-pervasive and collective purging of lack

We are intermittently touching down in our new lives, grounding so
deeply into our bodies and the earth, that these deep-seated root issues
of security/safety have been wildly coming up for review and being
cleared to make room for our expanded source-based selves to enter the
deepest and most physical parts of our lives.

For many, this means tugging at the roots of our most basic
survival fears….yuck.  Luckily, we can choose to remain detached from
these energies by embracing the truth and reality of love
(abundance)…OR…we can choose to be-lie-ve in the reality of fear
(lack).  In a holographic world, where all realities are real…which one will be real for you?

These collective and fear-based thought forms have been rising up in so
many and swirling about like a tornado of uncontrollable e-motional
(ANXIETY/panic) and even physical responses (lower back pain/lower
intestinal distress/urogenital discomfort/etc.)…but mostly these
expired energies are looking for an exit so collectively we can jump off
the karmic wheel and tip the planetary scales toward resonance
creation…aka conscious co-creation.

The reason this is so important to see clearly right now is because we
are beginning to witness (keyword here) the next wave of
energetic/financial restructuring…which means fears will be flying
around like pigs in heaven, and bottoming-out will be the norm for the
next group of souls readying to rebuild their lives.

As this deeper level excavation takes place, it is important to not
partake in any of the fear-based energies of that are
rising up for transmutation and permeating the masses. If we get
attached to these toxic thought-forms or be-lie-ve that they are true,
we can easily get swept up in a wild windstorm of clashing energies and
events.  Not the kind of music we want to groove to.

When in doubt, remember that abundance is the natural state of the
universe.  We can be self-responsible by creating solid boundaries,
follow only the thoughts that feel good (if it doesn’t feel good, it
isn’t), and seek the solace of our own internal wisdom knowing that all
is perfectly well.

Ignore everything else.

The Flow of All Good Things

If you are really experiencing these energies in an adverse way, realize
that any pressure you are feeling is actually resistance to the flow of
abundance building up behind the dam of limitations that you
unconsciously honor.  To release this pressure…and the flow of all good
things behind it…we must zoom out, shift/expand our perspective, clearly
see how we are responsible for blocking that flow with any
expired/limiting thoughts, and surrender into the existing support and
structures in place that we always have to get us through.

It may also be helpful to take note of any emotional re-actions that come up for you during the next few weeks (Practical Magic
can be a great support for this) as these reactions will be a clear
indication of the blocks you are still honoring with regard to accepting
full abundance into your life.  Whatever needs to be released in order
for you to take the major step forward into manifesting with your full
potential will tantalize you until it is seen from a higher perspective,
so keep in mind that anything you experience outside of abundance is
temporary until you are re-connected with your (power) Source. 

I can personally attest to the fact that once we begin to step fully
into our authentic selves (BE who we came here to BE) the reality of
lack shifts completely and we are rapidly immersed in the flow of all
good things.  Since the March equinox of this year, abundance has been
flowing into my life with such increasing force that it is hard to
believe that exactly a year ago this time I was unable to pay my utility
bills and while trying to rescue my house from public auction.

The same shift from lack to abundance is happening or trying to happen
for all of us…the universal elixir of creation is begging to supply for
those with pure heart resonance, and the messages will get louder and
louder if we continue to resist its magic with our limitations and
feelings of unworthiness.  The time is now to step into our full power
and to accept the grace of God’s heavenly flow in all ways…regardless of how the outside world is still operating.

Yes, there will continue to be social & economic downturns,
devastating catastrophes and global calamities… but this is none of
our business.  Our business is in new creation…in abundance… in
wellness…in joy… and in grounding the pure divine inspiration that we
have worked for over a decade to share with others. We must fully
exercise our power to become self-sustainable conscious co-creators and
living examples of what’s possible for our planet and her people.  

The Cosmic Pulse

And just to be clear…this new level of abundance is not just arriving
in the form of money…although that’s part of it…but in the form of
accessing new potentials and (higher-level) ideas &
opportunities…vibrationally aligned relationships, partnerships &
heart-based supports/connections…and cosmic bursts of creativity &
clarity that will, quite literally, blow your mind.

Aligning with this cosmic pulse (rhythm of universal flow)… which is
what we have been doing for several years through clearing all that
sticky soul-goo…always places us at the crux of perfect place and
timing, enabling us to leverage the might of the universe with our
conscious will and in a way that requires very little effort.

This month we will be hooking deeper into the intuitive rhythm of
non-action & action/allowing & doing which will offer us a much
more visceral understanding of the creation process, how to manage all
the new potentials, and the many rewards of linking into this automated
classification system where all parts work cooperatively for the
function of the whole.

This flow of goodness is so natural, so organic, that its easy to forget
that there was ever another way…and it is so powerful that it borders
on stressful because there is so much here to choose from…so many
possibilities that seeing from an expired perspective (that we must do
everything ourselves) can be overwhelming.

And this is just the beginning…

Finalizing Details

If you are feeling these crashing waves of overwhelm from the of
new beginnings…even if your physical body hasn’t quite caught up
yet… know that the rest of September (and now that Mercury is going
direct) will offer us the ability to temper a much-needed balance and
learn how to ground and manage these energies while we simultaneously
continue to clean up the last remnants of the past, seal-up the old, and
finalize all lingering details. 

Any old unresolved issues that need tending to will be thrusted into our
view this month so that we can complete the past before the celestial
door slams shut for good.  In some cases, there will be lingering past
details that will continue to wrap up over the remainder of the year,
however, dealing with them head-on will be key this month. As always,
these shifts are carried out in a slow and manageable process…and one
that we should be grateful for (?!@#%^!)…so as to not leave any stone

In the meantime, the way forward is always the same… allow yourself to
be exactly where you are…without resistance and in full acceptance of
what is… while knowing that whatever you are experiencing that is in
opposition to your heart-felt desires is only a past mis-creation
playing itself out and necessary to walk through in order to advance to
the next level.

In other words, the only way around is through.

See you in the flow!

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