Channeler: Luxonia

Believe. Have Faith. Trust. We are the . You body is going
through a huge wave of change. At you mind’s level you are going through
states and freeing yourself from them. Even if matters seem to be going
around in a circle, they are rising ever higher and you become free.
Your state of being is the saviour’s state – you free yourself and
others from those states that belong to the .
The shift is approaching. You are doing well. Watch, hear, feel the
change already. Soon you will receive more instructions for the shift.

The shift potential is strenghtening all the time. People who have never
even thought about the shift begin to look for information of it and
rapidly rise to the level of the shift. They now have an awareness to
assist them, the world awareness, Maitreya. Maitreya will free those who
wish to shift but are not able to emit the required level of light
themselves. When they are, in a way, shifted without their own light,
the result is a human who needs immensely help from others. Where is the
Love when your brother or sister needs help?
In the shifting phase those who are able to support are the ones
helping. You will take responsibility of each other. You will find each
other. Love everyone who shifts, because their will is to evolve in true
light. They may appear the same as before, but do not let the shell
fool you. In their Hearts they wish to walk the . Open your
Hearts and listen. Everything is One, everything is Love.
Your mission is to create together. Your skills and talents to create
are coming to you now. You feel for creating. You will find
each other so that you can create together. Follow the voice of your
Heart, it is the voice of Truth, it is the voice of Love. Allow others
to join you, be one voice, one Heart. If you encounter resistance,
because the old earth is still present with its polarity, move forward
in your own power because you carry Light, it will remove obstacles.
Focus now on increasing your Light, it is the bridge that creates the
shift. Train controlling your mind so that when you encounter
lightlessness you can shift your awareness into Light and stay there.
You come from Light, you are in Light, you go back to Light, know it.
Do not let worries dominate your mind but focus on Joy, because these
are the end times, the end of the time of old polarity. It is a Joyful
thing, because it means the end of suffering in the human experience.
Breath the new air, it is only a thought away. The New Earth is already
here and you can already breathe its air – can you feel the difference?
Breathe and be, everything is alright. Everything is. Love. One.

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