Dear ones, we come today to tell you of many changes about to happen on your planet.  We are aware that we have said this before, and often you have not been aware of any changes.  This time you are going to see the changes; changes in the attitudes of the many who are beginning to awaken and take back their power.

Marilyn Raffaele

That, which you call the “tea party movement”, is simply the outer
manifestation of an inner desire for empowerment.  This is spiritual
evolution.  This movement may be coming from a place of 3d concepts and
beliefs, but it also represents a deep urge within mankind to be free of
the power hungry and those would control you.  This is a very good
sign.  The need now is to have that same urge for freedom and
independence represented in those who are of the Light.  Those who would
use these movements to break free all peoples and the evolve mankind
through deeper awareness and truth instead of concepts and beliefs.
Be aware dear ones that you are in the midst of tremendous change, you
are witnessing an event never before to happen on your planet earth. 
You are here at this momentous time because you chose to be here, and
not by accident.  We tell you that much is changing although you are not
aware of it.  We see more financial burdens coming because the
financial system you have come to believe is the best, is simply a house
of cards created by those who wish to have all that they can and more. 
This is changing, it must change.  Many are suffering through this
outdated system and this is part of the many changes coming.  Be ready
dear ones, to see many of the old ways dissolve into the nothingness of
the illusory beliefs that created them in the first place.  Abundance is
for all.  It is a quality of Source and you are the manifestation of
Source.  Could Source, the creator of all that exists be in lack?  
Think on that dear ones.
It is time to come into your true self hood and your true inheritance as
children of the One.  You are rising above the need for wars, and
struggle.  You are rising above those beliefs that have kept you in
bondage for so long.  You are awakening to the realization that what you
have believed about yourself is not who you really are, regardless of
appearances, or the voices of those who would keep you in your place, so
to speak.

Your place is beside the lights of all time, but you cannot claim this
in your old state of consciousness. You create your own situations
through a mind filled with the beliefs and concepts of separation and
duality.  As you evolve in truth, so will the outer forms evolve to
higher and higher states.  Your inner is your outer.  Please understand
that we do not mean an intellectual knowledge of truth, but a state of
consciousness.  It is as you learn to drive a car.  You can study the
books and memorize all the facts, but until you drive a car for a while,
it is a step by step process.  After a while driving becomes so
automatic that you simply do not even think about it.  This then has
become your state of consciousness.  It is the same with truth; you
study it, accept it, and then with practice you embody it.  Only then
can it  manifest as your outer world.
Do not try to live the absolute simply because you have read a truth
that resonates with you. You must embody the truth within, it must
become your state of consciousness.  Just keep translating the
appearances of the 3d world and knowing the truth, then slowly it
becomes your truth, your state of consciousness.  It is like the child
learning to walk- up, down, up, down, until finally “whola!”, the child 
is walking.
Be sure that the truth you are embodying is actually truth dear ones,
only that which leads you to the realization of your oneness with Source
is truth.  Many so called spiritual teachers teach that you can only
access truth through them or their doctrines.  This is pure 3
dimensional ego.  Always feel free to  read, join, be a part of any
group that resonates with you;  but remember these tools are  only to
help you come to the realization that you need no things or no person
outside of yourself, because you already are.

The journey is the remembering of this.
We love you dear ones, and are always here watching and loving.

Thank you Arcturian Group                                                                                          9/5/10