Sunday, 12 September, 2010 
Moving Into Sacred Flow

The power of this time offers
both a blessing and, what some would call, a "curse." As the Earth
receives downloads of at an exponential rate, a quantum
leap in is affecting all of humanity. This is so powerful
that when it hits the emotional centers of the physical body, it can
stimulate a person’s most empowered focus or their weakest imbalance.
This extreme challenge offers an unprecedented opportunity. You must be
very respectful of the on the planet at this time and
remember that the Presence of Love exists within the Light that is
flowing through you. If you use this truth as your focal point and
intention, the energy of Divine Love is available to transform your
life and the world you are living in.

Remembering the Divine
Presence, the only constant within all things, can be helpful in those
moments when the emotions are beginning to derail your sanity. Knowing
that nothing else is solid, static, or stable allows you the space to
center, and helps you remember to focus Love on the most benevolent
outcomes you desire. When you can think more lightly of your sense of
chaos, it helps to take the heavy charge off a situation you are
facing. You can then work in a more resourceful way with this energetic
flow. After all, no matter what pressures you are experiencing, it is
“only” energy.

The Next Four Years

There is a growing
awareness that the next four years on the earth are of maximum
importance. The scenarios available are the stuff of legends, all very
extreme. It will take the combined focus of those who share this
consciousness to direct the flow of for the good of
the planet and the beings that live here. The sanctity of the Earth is
in balance and you must hold this planet sacred in the core of your
being. When you find harmony with Nature, you can use these energy
forces to assist in personal and planetary growth. This alignment with
the movement of nature is Ancient Wisdom. It is often your deep, abiding
relationship with the Earth that provides both guidance and insight
through these changing times.

Overcome your fear of the future.
Know you will not be forgotten or abandoned. Release any need to cling
to the status quo, for you are being asked to let go into a power of
the Light that will allow you to live in your Truth. This is not
something to fear, it is a cause for celebration. The possibilities for
a new earth that breathes with health and vibrant wellbeing are
infinite, and all who live in harmony with such an Earth, will thrive.

Shift to a More Divine Gear

you grow in this power of conscious awareness, Divine qualities flow
through you into the world. In this way you are blessed and a blessing.
Many are looking for these qualities of freedom, safety, love, peace,
and an abundant life. Release all that does not resonate with the
qualities of consciousness in which you want to live. This creates a
space within you that can be filled with Light energy and a greater
sense of joy. These words speak from the deepest longing of your soul to
merge with the God essence. It is like being pregnant, because as the
Light builds within the cells it bursts forth with new life. Set your
intention to experience unity with the power of Divine Love. Through
this mass awakening into Light, a new way is being shown that allows all
beings to live in the spirit of harmony, and honor the planet on which
you live.

Many are finding an increased frustration when they
attempt to work in the old ways. In fact, most of the inner turmoil
people are experiencing has its roots in this frustration. Because of
the increase in energy, however, a profound action is also available.
It is like stepping onto an escalator. It frees the ego from its need
“to do” so you can move into the sacred flow and timing of the
Universe. When frustration is the first feeling you notice, it is time
to shift into a more Divine Gear, and release the need to do it “your
way.” You need to surrender, and remember what has been written, you
can do nothing by yourself, but all things are possible when you stay
connected to the Source. Ask the Angels to wrap your little ego in the
wings of love, because the new job for the ego is servant of God. This
means following the orders of spirit, and creating a network of energy
connections, so Divine energy permeates every area of your life.
Release control and know it was never really yours in the sense of your
greater purpose. You gave your life to God long before you came into
this incarnation. Of course, you are here to enjoy the bounties of the
physical world, but the inner attunement must be with the Divine, so
this energy can permeate your world and sanctify all your actions on
the Earth.

Be Ye a Lightning Rod

As planets converge and
align with ancient prophecies, your job is to ground the Light so it
can be used for planetary good. In essence, all the light workers are
lightning rods grounding the force of Light that is a doorway to a
greater dimension of being. This expansion may make your brain feel
scrambled, and your nerves more sensitive. An opening to access the
greater light of Divine Mind is occurring. When the energy gets
stronger, don’t allow yourself to fall into confusion or fear. Do
things that take you out of your small mind so you can align with the
Greater Mind and convert this . Take walks, be in
Nature, move your physical body to help you ground the Light energy
within you. You will find new guidance within this energy influx. You
can acknowledge the stronger emotions you feel without allowing them to
control you. Trust your guidance and you will be led through this
powerful, expansive time. You are being required to hold energy in a new
way, and the empowered vision of a new Earth will help carry you

The blending of Light frequencies with that of
material consciousness is a delicate maneuver and has never been
successfully used en mass before. There is change, some chaos, some
life-thrilling, spine-tingling adventure, but mostly there is a system
of simplification at work. It is time to come back to your heart where
your essence is connected to That which Endures. From this place comes
all the peace you are praying for. Here in the heart, you can align
yourself with the Light flowing to the planet now.

The time in
which you live offers opportunity for glorious awakening where you can
stand in harmony with the Angels of Light. When you open yourself to
this energy, Love will fill every corner of your being. It is your
decision now how you will live. Ask to live in the Light of Divine
Love, and it shall be given to you. All of Life rejoices when a soul
turns to the Light, and from this place, joy, wisdom, and guidance
fills your being.

And So It Is.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long
as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the
work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.