We would have you know and understand at this time that it is
important to practice self sustainment and containment using the
practices that you have developed for such. Mastery of your thoughts
and emotional reactions at this time and in the times to come will
deliver you to the shores of reality that you have desired since before
your birth onto this planet. It is time now more than ever before to
practice becoming the neutral observer, aligning with your Godcore and
holding faith in the wisdom of the Divine Plan.

these new times, as the celestial energies continue to bathe the earth
in new and upgraded frequencies of light it is important to hold to your
own inner knowing and cultivate a deep connection with your own inner
guidance. Know that a part of your larger self already exists in the
higher realms and desires to connect more fully with the you that is
present on the so as to combine energies and knowledge.
This will provide clearer communications and guidance in the days ahead.
Learn to tap into and merge with the higher aspects of you that exist
in the multidimensional realms of existence. This will provide you with
new eyes and new ears which will expand your ability to see, hear and
know more than is available from the 3rd dimensional space.

all that is being transformed in your worlds begins to show itself on a
physical level, we ask you to remain neutral to the events that play
out in your world. Do not judge what you see before you, but observe
from a place of higher awareness where the bigger picture will be more
forthcoming for you. All is not as it seems. Yes, there are hidden
agendas at play at this time, but there is nothing that cannot be
changed through and intention. The raising and
sustaining of your frequencies will create a new foundational level for
you from which to view the changes that are here at present and the ones
to come. Do not play into or focus on the dramas. Do not give in to
hate and fear. For that which you focus on is sustained in your
awareness and becomes the foundational structures for the continuation
of life in the same vein.

You have the power to
make a new choice. In fact your purpose for being here in the moment of
time is to make a new choice. You are the ones that volunteered to lead
the way forward even as the old crumbles behind you. Now is your time.
Hold fast to that which you know to be true based on your inner
knowing. Do not let anything external to you determine who you would be
and how you would create your life from this point forward. For the
new world is at hand and you Dear Ones have the ability and opportunity
to choose and create the world in which you will dwell. We would as you
to choose joy. Choose community. Choose unity!