Yesterday, Deva explained the condition in the body where there is an overproduction of mucus. Often this is cleverly disguised as a cold, sickness, the flu or otherwise, the rational mind having something from past conditioning to latch onto and grip, it is a way of being deceived. I have come to see that this perfectly functioning body is a mirror of the internal world within me. I was in perfect health the days leading up to the planned departure date and as it came nearer, my internal world came into for a variety of reasons.

Deva explained that mucus production is often associated with an over-reaction internally to an under-reaction to something in the external world. As I pondered this yesterday afternoon, I understood. In my case, after meditation on it and getting my power back, I saw that I had under-prepared for the Journey, in some ways. Specifically, wasn’t clear on my directive or purpose and that allowed for a discrepancy in the field, a crack was formed that let “the devil” in… Those that were trying to help me, were unable to fully succeed because I wasn’t crystal clear on my purpose. This created within me an opportunity for influence to come in, through the cracks and mar my behaviors. I was disappointed and frustrated that the Journey wasn’t proceeding as planned and my internal dialogue reflected that, carrying on a rampant over-reaction to the situation…

On this path, where all is aligned with the Loving Timeline, plans made in the realm of reason, days or weeks before an event can often be off by a few days when the of the timeline opens up. This is where I need to have Faith… This is where I must release the old ways of doing business, of planning and preparing for exactness and allow the of the timeline to dictate the timing. Sure, it is important to be prepared, but not hold firm to some projected date or time. All will align on the Loving Timeline, if I let it.

Looking at my internal dialogue from the past few days, I can see just how I vacillated between acceptance and understanding to fighting it. When I was at peace with the release that was occurring on the Loving Timeline, all was well, but when I entertained thoughts about how things should be, that is where I fell. It turns out there are thoughts that are healthy to follow and then there are those that aren’t. This is an important discernment lesson for everyone to learn…

We are such powerful, energetic beings that our thoughts mold our reality, so learning which thoughts to follow is key. Empowering, accepting, compassionate, Loving thoughts are on the Loving Timeline… They are obvious once the training to distinguish them has been embraced, however those freeing and enlightening thoughts can be juxtaposed with their opposite and if one is not careful these heavier thoughts can intermingle, then eventually take over if we don’t have complete presence of mind. Before you know it, because of prior training, societal conditioning and other factors already discussed one may find these thoughts taking over and in an instant… the alternate timeline is present. The more energy one applies to these alternate, other than Loving thoughts, the stronger the alternate timeline becomes and ultimately that timeline can manifest in the reality. This is other than fun, or inviting of Creation and puts the damper on the that is trying to assist.

I understand now how important it is to use our mind in Loving and effective ways. I see just how my old training, which layer by layer I am clearing from my being, had created the propensity for me to see the darker side of things rather than the light. I know the importance of this and have just experienced yet another lesson of this. Even in the throes of a physical body crisis (perceived illness), I can still manage my thoughts… I look at the calendar and see that it has been 1 week since having the major histamine reaction… was I completely effective at stemming the tide? Have I been on the Loving Timeline? Even those questions are laden with the old ways… so this is an example of a program called “shoulda, coulda, woulda…” That is a slippery slope dear friends and there is no need to traverse such a precipitous place.

Am I on the Loving Timeline now?

NOW, the answer is YES… This is part of the learning. I need not go back to reevaluate, but rather call my power back. I need not dissect the experience, but rather forgive it and come into this Now moment…. Here is where all the power is. By forgiving myself, it all returns. I no longer dwell in the past, but rather I am completely present. Now… it’s where its at!

Love and Kindness,


the Buffalo Diaries