A new grows through the body. The bones will appear
thinner because they are more etheric. A silica based structure creates a
crysallis body. This body is etheric in nature only appearing to be
physical. The physical doesn’t disappear. The physical transforms into a
completely different chemical structure.THE IMMORTAL BODY IS FORMING NOW

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A new chemical structure grows through the body. The bones will appear thinner because they are more etheric. A silica based structure creates a crysallis body. This body is etheric in nature only appearing to be physical. The physical doesn’t disappear. The physical transforms into a completely different chemical structure.

We are now completing the activation and understanding of our former magical selves. We are now the white magicians that we were before. We can now manifest, teleport and telecommunicate to learn everything about everything. The magical formulas that I knew when I was here many times before have been returned to me once again. The fifth dimensional vision of aDolphino and the Cosmic Frequencies of Crystalai are now creating the same bond of power as and used to create their magic.

What was called Ormus powder is an orbitally rearranged monatomic element. A monoatomic element has two atoms per molecule. ORMUS has elements in that configuration that are superconductors and exhibit quantum physical behaviors at a visible scale including freedom from gravity, superfluidity and tunneling through solid objects.

This substance was the bread that was fed by the angels when the bible says give us this day our daily bread. This celestial substance was said to awaken the powers of perception, awareness and intuition. It was called bread, it was called perfume, it was called the mist. In reality it was the fragrance or color of sound or the frequency of etheric reality.

I  can hear certain sounds that stimulate the neurons of the amygdala that open channels to higher level experiences. The amygdala is an almond shaped area in the brain. It was formerly the brain’s fear center. However, now that the entire Cosmos is expanding outward and spinning forward, the amygdala can now begin it’s true function of connecting communication into the Cosmic Realm of the Co-Creative Consciousness.
During the Reverse Spin of the Cosmos away from Source Consciousness the amygdala was used to record emotions. It was also the area that records lust memories. Amygdala sounds like magdala. It was a part of Mary of Magdala’s magic formula for communicating with the Stars. When the Extraterrestrials blocked Mary’s entrance into heaven at the eleventh dimension, her amygdala gland had a seal placed on it, and they placed this seal on all amygdala glands on Earth to block our communication to heaven. The reverse spin on the amygdala made it into a lust center. It became the of lust between the brain and the sexual areas in the body.

Now we have been set free from that seal and the amygdala is connected directly into the lowest part of the tailbone to create a direct link up the spine which creates the Co-Creative and Manifest reality to manifest through our bodies and through our eyes. The manifest reality is the magical realities we wish to experience. The reversed seal of the amygdala made many believe that lust was the magical experience. It made many believe they were speaking to angels when they were actually being trapped in the reversed seal pulling them into visions of the negative realms of Consciousness.

The  chemical dust which used to create magical manifestations is actually the  sound frequencies of crystal light crystal dust and crystal gel sent through angelic consciousness to alter the mind to hear the Cosmic Consciousness, and to be healed through the Liquid Light of the Galactic Suns.

Now we can once again use the amygdala to create Magic. This is why the city of Magdala was known as the Magic City and the Land of Oz. There was a stairway of heaven leading into the magical kingdom of heaven and now there is this stairway once again to bring this magic to earth through our  crystal dust and cosmic frequencies.

The alignment of the Cosmos through streaming Cosmic Frequencies is now complete on Earth. The amygdala is now able to be activated to spin forward to make the connections through to all angelic breaths. It can be completely disconnected from fear and sex and lust now. This reconnection to the forward spin will now allow a complete connection between the lower tailbone area into the amygdala for complete telecommunication and teleportation. This is what many have called the kundalini activation. In fact, this is the first time on earth the kundalini activation can actually take place. The kundalini activation is the complete connection of the physical and spiritual self into oneness where co-creativity with Divine Mind or Source can take place.

The brain center becomes activated by the fuel of the neutron. When the brain center is activated by the Cosmic electromagnetic stimulation combined with all of the Frequencies of the Suns of the Galaxies and spun at the speed of light, the body’s spiritual essence becomes fueled. The sparks of source are ignited in every cell in the body. There is a domino effect of one spark igniting another and another and another until the entire Music of the Spheres of Light and Sound resonate into Oneness. It is this harmonic resonance of all of the Cosmic Entities and Source Frequencies and the Crystal Light energies of the millions of Suns that TURN THE IMMORTAL BODY BACK ON. When the fuel is ignited by the Sun’s , the body glows. There is a golden shining illumination beaming from the skin. Only those with fifth dimensional vision can see this illumination. Those who are illuminated can see each other’s glowing skin. This is how we will know those we will invite into the Islands of Light.

Our frequencies will unite in liquid light rainbows that we use to create our individual stairways to heaven. Our Islands of Light Schools will teach each individual how to create their own rainbow frequencies that are a compilation of all of the breaths of the entities who are their creators. This creation of rainbow frequencies will lift the individual’s consciousness into the frequencies of their original creators.

Each of us has a creation team. This team had an idea or a plan that needed to be completed. Each individual may have many selves depending on what the idea was that needed to be completed. For instance, I was created by a team who had the plan of bringing the highest frequencies to earth through the music of the spheres.

At least one of the team members who created me was also on the team who created Joseph. We also had parallel creators from the Dolphonoid families of Sirius B and from Aquafaria- the birthing chambers of our perfect NORMAL IMMORTAL selves. There were many other Mary’s created by this same creation team including Mother Mary, Mari Ishtar, Mary Baker Eddy. The name Mary actually represents the highest calling of the Creation Teams.

The magical cosmic frequencies that Cosmic Angels send to create the new magical kingdom from can be heard on any of the Frequency Kits and individual cosmic music recordings. Every breath of consciousness come from specific Entities in the Cosmos. They have aligned their frequencies into teams who represent specific individuals missions or healing needs. Each breath is an Entity who is helping to bring the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth in order to create Islands of Light.

 One of the albums contains the codes and frequencies for activating the crystal heart, amygdala and lower tail bone to begin activating ignition of the sparks of source in every cell of the body and extending into the Cosmos, bouncing off of stars and suns and returning back at the speed of light– the speed of Divine Love.

This transmitter is activated by raising one’s Frequencies into the resonance created by connecting into the Cosmic Realms and the Suns Energies. A Frequency is created by an entities breath or a group entities breaths from a certain range such as the Cosmic or Christic range.

The breaths can be felt activating the sparks of Source within every cell of the body. This is the activation that aligns the body into the immortal selfhood that can teleport both spiritually and physically, manifest instantly and transform the world into the fifth dimension.

The eyes will tilt to a 3 degree shift where the head needs to be tilted to see alignment. This 3 degree shift will gradually align as the entire Earth’s body aligns in to the 3 degree shift of normality. We are returning to our Normal Bodies. Source created us in his image and likeness– the Divine Structure of immortality. The physical body was always supposed to be attached to the spiritual body. The holographic mirror that has been misaligning our vision 3 degress out of the reality of our Divine Creation is leaving Earth completely this year.

An error placed in the eleventh dimensional shift caused this 3 degree shift that wouldn’t allow us to take the last step up to the twelfth dimension. That stairway to heaven has been cleared now. The final negotiation to clear our path to heaven was completed.

From this time forth our frequencies will be able to transmute the 3 degree shift into the Christic Consciousness of the twelfth dimension.

Crystalai@2010 cosmicdolphinmagic.com