Wednesday, 29 September, 2010 

Do you ever wonder why you live on this planet, why you fell
into your present family and circle of friends or why certain situations
occur in life? Why is one’s life designed as it is, with all of its
? Why do we fall ill or become injured? Why does one
experience wealth and fortune while another lives in need and poverty?
Does our personal reality follow randomness and chance, or is there a
different perception behind the scenes?

As seen from higher
consciousness, each of us is the of our own realities. We are
the architects of our lives. Our reality is what it is because we have
drawn it there, just as a would draw on a canvas. We create the
painting of our life’s story from start to finish, and we do so as a
master .

And yet the question persists, “If we are the designers of our own realities, why do bad things happen to us?”

awareness of what we are, our nature as light, is the first step toward
bringing perspective to this idea of creative design. We are the
cosmos, and the basic ingredient of the cosmos is light. One
characteristic of the light heretofore unmentioned is that light dances.
The light is in a playful dance with itself, swirling and twirling in a
joyful expression of . In a word, it is having fun.

mentioned, our souls are the personification of this light. It is the
desire of the light to gain in awareness and experience, to venture
about this cosmic playground in an infinite dance. The soul or light
being does not dance alone, but with the of the light, of many
frequencies and in various dimensions. It is this dance as, in and with
the light that is existence itself. The cosmic playground has an
infinite variety of energies for us to experience, and we are free to
dance with whomever and whatever we wish. That dance is our life.

human beings, we “feed” the light through awareness. We take in our
experiences and are fed other experiences in an ever-expanding circle of
awareness. We are here to realize who and what we are at the most
expansive levels, and through our self-awareness we see that we are
ultimately light and all the qualities of the light.

The design of
our lives enables us to experience the light and its qualities to the
fullest. Therefore, we dance with the energies that will reveal to us
the grandness of our inherent nature, that of light. We interrelate
with other aspects of our infinite self to experience qualities such as
freedom, harmony, love, order and unity.

Our interrelation on an
energetic level is imbued with the infinite intelligence of the cosmos.
So, while we may see our interaction with another human being as only
involving ourselves and the other, the energies and ramifications
involved in such an interaction are vast and endless.

We design
our lives, our realities, to the nth degree, all in divine order. On a
basic level, we have incarnational choices, such as time of birth,
gender, appearance, physical structure and mental capabilities. We
choose into which family we will enter, including our parents, siblings,
spouse, significant others and our children. We see our career choices
before us, our financial status, religious affiliation and places of
residence. We see and design major events in our lifetimes, whether
that is a broken leg, winning the lottery or a meeting an influential
individual. Of course, this grand design is made in conjunction with
the many other light beings who will participate with us. All of our
soul choices will bring an enhanced awareness and a deeper insight into
who and what we are.

All we encounter in our conscious awareness
is there, on some level, by grand design. Whether it’s the green frog
that crosses our path, the throbbing headache at the end of the day or
an immense feeling of peace when viewing a sunset, it is our
consciousness that constructs the experience. In short, our
consciousness is the creator of our reality.

The scope of
intelligence in the grand design of our lives is infinite. In design
mode, we see the nearly-incredible cooperation and interrelation between
and among countless souls. Further, we see energies of galaxies and
, planets and moons, animals and plants and all sorts of
matter – all in a free and orderly dance that is our creative design.
To conceive of the enormity of this intelligence at play is far beyond
the scope of our conscious minds.

Consider one person in your life
you deem important, someone with whom you share a strong interrelation.
This person is part of your grand design that is allowing you to
become more fully aware of the light and its qualities. And you, as a
light being, play the same role for them. Not only does this other
light being serve as a reflector for who and what you are, you serve as
the same for them. As well, your experience of another light being is
simply an experience of yourself as the cosmic light, as you are the

Though some of our designed situations may be judged
as “bad,” such as death, injury or loss of wealth, all situations are of
immense value, as seen from higher dimensions. Those pesky judgments
come only from limited perceptions and do not take into account the
infinite intelligence of the light and our inherent nature as light
beings. When and how we release the physical vehicle (death, in
third-dimensional terms) is also a part of the grand design for our soul
experience. Actually, every moment and every circumstance in our
realities are of the grand design, created by our own doing and for our
own benefit. There are no accidents or mistakes.

The grand design
is not manufactured by our thinking minds, though our thoughts are
tools by which the grand design can be carried out. Just because we
think of something repeatedly does not mean it shall manifest in the
design. Instead, our realities are constructed at the soul level,
behind the scenes, if you will, where there is available the infinite
intelligence and divine order that is our inherent nature. As human
beings, we need only allow the soul to manifest as it will, designing
not only a reality of abundance, but one in which we are continually
conscious of the magnificent qualities of the light.

We design our
realities to experience the most magnificent life imaginable – and then
some. Not only is it possible to live in such a “heavenly” state of
being, it is our very birthright. It is who we are and it is by grand
design that we can and do experience the ultimate that the cosmos has to
offer. When we rise high enough in our consciousness, we see that it’s
all just fun and games, an energetic dance on the infinite playground
of the cosmos.

There is nothing in our design that is outside of
or apart from us. In a manner of perception, we dance with ourselves,
our infinite selves, no matter the appearances. And in this dance, we
see and experience the many glorious aspects of who and what we are. We
dance with unity; we skip with harmony; we waltz with love and we fly
with freedom.