Wednesday, 15 September, 2010 

Creative expression can be described as the painting,
the writing and the singing. Commonly, creative
expression is seen as artistic demonstration and is not typically seen
as applying to more common or mundane tasks.

The word “creative,”
in this instance, can be defined as being original, imaginative or
productive. The word “expression” is derived from a Latin term meaning
“pressing out.” So what is the process by which creative expression
occurs? Does creative expression apply to all humans or just to those
who have a creative knack? How does one become more creatively

The basic ingredient of existence is light. The light
is personified to become the soul, and the soul takes a human form to
exist in third dimension on the planet. The nature of the light is
creative; it flows, it builds, it moves and it creates. Each soul has
its own expression of the qualities of light. In other words, the light
is “pressed out” through the soul and into third-.

example, the painter who is painting is actually expressing the light.
While the painter’s tools may be seen as , brush and canvas, all
of the materials are of the light. In another sense, the light flows
through his soul, into his awareness, transforms into thought and then
is applied to the canvas. His actions feed the light, which in turn
expresses continually through his soul and awareness and onto the
canvas. It’s the circle of creative expression.

expression is seen as energy swimming about, dancing in various forms
and dimensions, and finding root in the painter’s work. The painter is a
, transforming the light to the canvas for expression in a
third-dimensional reality.

When we are in creative expression, we
are allowing the light to be transformed through us. We are allowing
the soul to speak, to make its way into the mental and/or physical
reality. We are acknowledging the light and supporting its movement
through existence. We are light itself, and we cooperate with the
creation as it moves forth. It is in great joy that we creatively
express, and creative expression brings us great joy.

expression is not limited to specific actions. We are beings of
creative expression, and our lives are a creative expression. On a
grand canvas, our lives play out, works of art that are unlike any
other. Creative expression may be seen in the simplest of actions as
well, such as taking a walk, gazing at the sky or dusting the furniture.
Any expression of the light in our lives can be seen as creative

Every human being can experience the immense joy of
creative expression. We and we alone monitor the control valves for the
flow of creativity in our lives. Our souls, as light, are ever-ready
to provide the inspiration for us to be master creators, creating the
magnificent lives and realities we are entitled to. We can and do
creatively build families, careers, homes and interests, and there is no
limit to where creative expression can take us.

In creative
expression, we become that which we express. The painter becomes the
painting; there is recognized a unity between the creator and the
created. The dancer becomes the dancing as the identity of the dancer
is dissolved into the perfect expression of dance. One loses oneself in
the creation and becomes the creation itself.

expressions come naturally and are characterized by a grace and
effortlessness. They flow in and through the human being. If the
creative expression of the moment is mopping floors, it is done so with
the attention in the moment and the result is joy in the energetic
expression. There is joy in the simple doing.

Another expression
may be the more complex construction of a tall building in cooperation
with dozens of workers. Whether mopping or constructing a skyscraper,
there is an ease and clarity with which one expresses, all in a
harmonious flow with all aspects of the activity, including all involved
in the creative project.

Creative expression always fits the
capabilities of the individual. One who has never studied music will
not be guided to lead a symphony orchestra. A person who lacks athletic
skills will not be led to quarterback a team in the Super Bowl. The
light follows where it can be adequately expressed; thus one who is able
to paint will paint. One who is able to write will write and so on.
The light recognizes who we are and what we are capable of expressing
and moves accordingly.

If it is in the creative expression of an
individual to sing, that person may be compelled to take singing
lessons. The practicing of singing is a creative expression in itself
and can lead to a more expanded expression of singing.

The process
of creative expression draws from the infinite cosmos, the all-in-all
of existence. Seen as the light, this force is “funneled” into the soul
of the individual and, eventually, into an expression. So, the
painting that has been creatively expressed has its birth in the
infinite light that is the cosmos. Within every brush stroke is the
totality of existence.

We are here on this planet to creatively
express. It is our nature to give forth the light into the world. Our
expression is how we choose to interact with and allow the light to move
through us and as us. We are the light itself and give shape and form
to the light in a grand playfulness.

In higher consciousness, we
realize that all we do is of creative expression. We need to only “get
out of the way” for this expression to be realized. This expression is
our unique contribution to ourselves and all of humanity. It is a gift
to existence and it is existence itself.

By being in observer
mode, even while active, we can sit as if by the of a river and
watch the river flow by. That river is the creative expression of
light. It does not only flow near us; it flows through us. That river
of expression is who we are.