Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 

For , the idea of love has been among the most powerful and
prevailing forces within human beings. Love permeates the very core of
our relationships and families and flows through our art, books and
movies. We express our love in innumerable ways; we love our dogs and
cats, our homes and cars, and we love to be loved. Obviously, love is a
central aspect of existence, yet how does the view of love in
transcendent consciousness compare with the perception of love in the
third dimension?

From the higher view, love is seen as the glue
that binds all of existence. Where there is light, there is love. It
is the ultimate connecting force in the cosmos. It is the bond that
allows for unity in existence. It is a magnetic force between and among
all aspects of creation.

Existing as light, we live in an
infinite sea of love. We recognize love all around us in its infinite
forms. Along with light, love is the basic ingredient of who and what
we are. It is closer to us than our breath, and there is profound love
in even our smallest atom or energy component.

Love is such a
prevalent force in and around us, so much so that it is inescapable.
So, how is it so that we find ourselves so often in search of it or
lacking it? Why does it seem so elusive? Why is it so often at the
forefront of our attention? Why are there so many dramatic episodes
that occur in the name of love?

In the third-dimensional
experience, we view ourselves as separate from the rest of existence.
With a focus on such separation, we separate ourselves from the light
and love that is our very nature. The light and love are who we are; it
is our perception of separation from which stems the thought and
feeling of a lack of love in our lives.

The result of this limited
awareness is that we feel we must possess love, or possess the object
of our affection. Since we view ourselves as separate from existence,
we are compelled to seek out that which we can call our own, be it a
person, animal, material object or sports team. We feel secure in
holding near and dear to us that which we love and often feel pain and
rejection if it is taken from us.

In higher consciousness, we see
that love does not need to be owned or possessed. No one and no thing
belong to us, yet all of existence is our very nature. In our
self-awareness of the omnipresence of love, we are connected with all of
existence. Not only will we feel love and being loved in such an
awareness, we realize that we are love. The idea of looking for love or
being without love is left to limited, third-dimensional thinking.

we proclaim that we love someone or something, we are actually bringing
an awareness to the connection that already exists between ourselves
and that which we love. In seeing another aspect of the light, we see
ourselves, as we are the light. We are all that is. The “other” is
light and love just as we are light and love and serves as a reflection
of who and what we are.

The third-dimensional view is heavily
embedded in our cultural structures. In the name of love, we sign
contracts and make promises to be “in love” with another. This is
simply a reflection of the third-dimensional consciousness in which we
possess love from and give love to another and vow to be in this state
“til death do us part.”

The sexual act is often referred to as
“making love.” We are love, and love is omnipresent, and the idea of
making or manufacturing love is a third-dimensional idea. From a higher
view, we bring our awareness into the love that we are and the love
that exists. It is often at the height of a sexual act, when the
thinking mind is idle, that we open a door to experience the grandness
of love.

Love is unlimited. It exists anywhere, anytime and
anyplace. We are foolish to attempt to confine it to a particular
person or situation. When we let go of the personification and
categorization of love, we escape the trappings of the third-dimension
and live in awareness of infinite love. We also let go of any
expectations of another and allow all to exist and move in their own
way. We are not chained to anyone or any idea, nor is any person or
idea chained to us. We allow for the natural flow of love to nourish
our lives.

For most humans, the experience of love through the
higher-dimensional view is realized after a meandering journey through
third-dimensional consciousness. This is due to our subscription to
numerous constructs that our culture imposes upon us, even from birth.
We are bonded – and quite naturally so – to a mother, family, friends
and groups. In higher consciousness we exist with others out of the
freedom and a soul agreement, not by any third-dimensional contract or

How does the idea of relationships fit into this picture
of love? Are they not essential to our existence? Do we need them to
survive? The concept of relationship implies separation and a
connection of two separate entities. We may have a relationship with a
spouse or sibling, or even a pet or a city. But consider this – do we
have a relationship with our right arm? There is no relationship with
our right arm because the right arm is considered part of ourselves and
thus not separate from who we are. In the unification of love, there is
no relationship because there is no separation.

From a higher
, there is no “other” soul. There is only light
experiencing itself in its infinity. From the third-dimensional view,
we see scores of other souls/persons, animals, plants and so on. But
the higher view sees no relationship and simply sees existence as one

We find ourselves in the company of light and love, whoever
we are and wherever we go. There is the experience of love in all that
surrounds us, whether it is with another person, a plant, a rock or
another planet. Love is everywhere, including ourselves, and by simply
existing we are swimming in a sea of love.