The 2004 tsunami took the lives of over 200,000
people.  The same can be said for the 2010 earthquake, which also
left 300,000 injured and over a million homeless.  The September 11,
2001, attacks in the U.S. left thousands dead and millions deeply
affected.  From a third-dimensional view, these events have been judged
as tragic, devastating and catastrophic.  The prevailing perception
is, whether natural or man-made, any event resulting in the huge loss
of life is, at the very least, highly unfortunate.

transcendent view offers a very different picture.  Rather than offering
a perspective of chaos and loss, shows that all
is in a .  To understand such a view, it is important to
first see that each human being is light – the infinitely intelligent
light in and of the cosmos.  This light is inherently connected to all
light, or all existence, including other beings and all of nature. 
While we may not be aware of all of the deeper connections surrounding
dramatic worldly events, we can be certain there is much at work behind
the “” or outside of our

Every person
stands in each moment exactly where their consciousness dictates, based
on infinite intelligence.  Those who find themselves in such notable
“tragic” events do so out of an agreement in higher consciousness, even
if it results in death or injury.  With regard to the light, there is
no death, so to speak, as the light is never extinguished.  At the
moment of “death,” the physical vehicle departs from the soul, and in
this the soul delights.  From the third-dimensional view, we often see
death as the ultimate loss.  From a higher consciousness, death is no
more than removing the “clothing” of our earthly existence. 

is always a grander purpose to such massive “destructive” events, and
the dynamic may involve an or release.  Events can be
tied to the state of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and
beyond.  Likewise, these events will also be tied into each and every
individual that is involved in the event, whether directly or
indirectly.  The intelligence that is involved in the “catastrophes” is
well beyond the scope of our comprehension.  From a higher
consciousness, it is seen that divine order is in the midst of every
aspect of such events. 

Thus, transcendence offers the view
beyond the third-dimensional perception; there is actually no
“tragedy,” “catastrophe” or “disaster.”  These are terms used by those
in third-dimensional judgment of such events.  Actually, these are
amazing energy spectacles that always have beneficial results.  They
are of the light and of infinite intelligence. 

The concept of a
higher order implies a pattern, structure or organization in any
situation.  When addressing the idea of human death, the
third-dimensional outlook is rather grim.  It’s often the forbidden
topic in social discussions.  The fear of death is one of the most
prominent fears plaguing humanity.  It’s the great taboo.  And yet, from
higher consciousness, death is seen as a transition or shift, a change
of scenery and a natural movement by the light.  It is a cause for
celebration, not grief.  It is as natural as the breeze at the beach
and the sun in the desert.  The “higher” perception is one of peace,
understanding, and one that fits the pattern and structure of one’s
existence and experience perfectly. 

A perception of higher
order is not limited to so-called “major” events, but to every aspect
of the cosmos.  In other words, everything fits perfectly into the
fabric of existence, regardless of appearances or how we may judge it
with a limited mind.  There is no randomness in the cosmos, though we
may judge a situation as having occurred randomly. 

For example,
imagine a man falls off his roof while doing repairs.  He breaks his
leg, forcing him to go to the hospital for care.  During his hospital
stay, he meets a , whom he befriends and eventually marries.  While
at the hospital, he is visited by a friend, who suggests the two of
them establish a business partnership.  Together, they will manufacture
and sell safety harnesses for roofers.  From that business, a healthy
income is derived, which allows the newlyweds to start a family.  And
the story goes on, in many directions. 

In this simple example,
one can begin to see the higher order in the man’s situation.  What may
be labeled as an “accident” can, from a higher view, be seen as a
fortunate occurrence.  It was the fall that ultimately led to many
blessings for the man.  The fall was manifested by the man to bring
about all that was subsequent and was done so in cooperation and
conjunction with the souls of others.  There is an intelligence and
higher reasoning beyond what may be called “unfortunate.”

living from the light, we sense a higher or divine order at work.  The
natural unfolding of our experience gives us the perception of infinite
purpose and value in our life.  If we do not experience the higher
order in our life, this does not mean that a higher order is not at
work.  Higher order is always at work where there is light, and light
is omnipresent.  As light beings, we cannot escape a higher order,
regardless of what the circumstances or appearances may be.  The
higher order is not dependent upon our awareness of it to exist.  The
unfolding of our awareness towards the perception of a higher order is
of a higher order itself.

An understanding of the divine order
of any situation can be obtained by moving to a higher level of
consciousness.  The higher we go, the higher the sense of order we
encounter.  There is always a perception available that will bring
peace and understanding to us, though we may have to enter the realm of
the soul to realize it.  Likely, we will need to rise above our
accepted conditioning and views of the limited thinking-mind to see
through the eyeglasses of the infinite. 

There is no chaos in
the cosmos.  There is no chaos in the life of any human being, except
as judged so.  Take away the judgments and the limited perceptions and
there lies a perfect, higher order – regardless of appearances.  We can
rest peacefully in the knowledge that this higher order is in the
fabric of existence.  It is in the fabric of our lives.  It is in the
fabric of who we are.  We are beings of a divine order.