a message from Scott

Friday, 24 September, 2010

The experience of unity is a profound realization not only of the ocean of existence, but that each of us is the ocean itself.  It is an expansion of awareness beyond the self, individual, person and personality into a vast field of that is our very nature.  It is beyond the perception of the thinking mind, which functions through separation, categorization and analysis.  In the state of transcendence, all borders and boundaries are dropped, and we recognize the interconnectedness of the cosmos.

To illustrate unity, imagine the vast waters of the earth, such as all the oceans combined.  Next, imagine one small drop of ocean water that is actually in and of the oceans.  The drop can be seen as separate from the ocean, though part of it, as a human being can be seen as a part of all existence.  And yet, as the drop is dissolved into the ocean, it becomes the vast ocean and has all of the qualities of the ocean.  We can say that the dissolved drop is the ocean itself.For human beings to see themselves as separate from the grandness of the light, the thinking mind offers a view of separation.  When of this awareness, we lose the inherent sense of interconnectedness that links us with every aspect of existence.  It is in the state of transcendence that we realize that separation is not our true self.  Instead, we recognize separation as a perception of third-.

In third-dimensional consciousness, we accept a near-endless classification of energy in an infinite array of perceived matter.  We separate humans from from rocks.  We separate good from bad, right from wrong and rich from poor.  We have labels and categories by the millions, and the human intellect becomes a vast storehouse for such information.

The unity experience is an awareness of oneness.  In separation we may have viewed a supreme being/creator and man as separate; in unity the two are meshed into one existence.  Where we may have seen the human race as billions of separate beings is now seen as one family of humanity.  And, where we may have seen the earth apart from other planets is now one family of planets and .  Actually, all matter and energy is connected, whether it is that of a human being or planet or any other perceived “separate” aspect of the cosmos.

In unity, we realize that the human being is not separate from anything.  There is no disconnection from love.  There is no disconnection from abundance.  There is no disconnection from wisdom.  It is through our awareness that we recognize that all of existence is not only at our beck and call; all of existence is our very nature.  We “own” the cosmos, yet in a way of expanded identity rather than possession.
We may ask ourselves, “How can I be of unity if I look into my world and see so much separation?”  Also, we may wonder, “How are we of unity if we are fighting wars and experiencing broken relationships and creating different countries, philosophies and religions?”

Our nature as unity is inherent, regardless of whether we choose to look through the eyeglasses of separation.  We may not see unity; we may instead identify strongly with separation and create strong polarized views, opinions and constructs.  Indeed, we will find ourselves acting on our views (our perceived reality), and those who subscribe to separation will find their reality characterized by disconnection and its manifestations.  Those who transcend the perception of separation will live in the reality of unity and will express from a reality of oneness.

While on the earth, we use the mind as a tool of perception.  For example, when we hear a knock on the door, we may move toward the door, turn the door handle and open the door to see a neighbor.  This is a typical third-dimensional experience based in mind/separation.  Yet on the transcendent level, the sound of the knock on the door, the door itself, the doorknob, the turning of the knob, the self and the neighbor and the vision of one another – all is energy of various frequencies that is translated by the mind to “make sense” in the third-dimensional reality.  And, not only are these energies of various frequencies, they are interconnected.

Interestingly, many human beings view the third-dimension as the only “true” reality and may see higher dimensions as abstract or unreal.  Actually, when viewing through a higher dimension, the reverse is true.  Energy and light in a field of oneness are recognized as the “true” reality, while the awareness of the third dimension (separation, matter, etc.) is seen as an illusion or only as a creation of the thinking mind.

When humans first experience unity, the results can be nothing less than transformational.  Through our cultural indoctrination, we are given names, identities, ages, degrees, professional titles, labels, personality traits and status levels.  The enormous personal and third-dimensional “identity” simply dissolves in the experience of oneness.  It is seen for no more than it is: the workings of the thinking mind and our subscription to a limited view of separation.  These limited constructs no longer serve us in unity and thus we subsequently give these classifications little relevance.

Is it possible to live in a so-called “third-dimensional” reality and yet live in a realization of unity as well?  Yes, we are multi-dimensional beings that can and do exist simultaneously in various dimensions.  So, while seeing that we are all of one light and energy, we can respond to our name or look at a flower and call it a rose.  Our experience need not be “one or the other,” but a blending of these and other dimensions, much like we can simultaneously enjoy both a walk through the woods while we listen to the birds sing.

Individuality does disappear in the consciousness of unity.  We are no longer an “I” but a one.  Though we are of the field of existence, we no longer subscribe to the categorization of the light called “me.”  This does not mean one no longer exists; it means that the boundaries that we perceive in separation are withdrawn and a far, far more expansive “me,” is recognized, a “me” that is the all-in-all.  Though unity can be seen as a vast “me,” there is no “me” at all in the separated, individual sense.  In that acceptance of unity, we are so, so much more than we were as an individual “me.”  In that awareness of the oneness, we sense infinity.  We recognize what it means to be an infinite human.

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