Wednesday, 15 September, 2010  (posted 17 September, 2010)

Throughout the course of our lives we have heard
the phrase “it doesn’t matter,” or “.” Little attention is
given to the deeper connotation of these words. The idea that something
“matters” or doesn’t “matter” is a direct reference to the need for it
to take shape or form. If it matters, this would imply that it
is necessary for it to take on form, to materialize, whether physically
or emotionally. We are giving permission for it to move out of wave form
into particle form. If it does not matter then there is no need for it to take shape or form; no need for it to move out of its wave form.

lives are based on the things that matter to us, but upon close
examination we might be quite surprised to realize where emphasis has
been placed. Exactly where have we placed our emphasis? What things seem
to matter? That which matters exists as the substance of our material
experience, for when it does not matter then it does not exist for us.
However, it might matter to someone else, and therefore exists in an
allotted designated to accommodate that which matters,
or will materialize. Ultimately our reality is constructed of only the
things that matter. Therefore all that seems to exist in the invisible
holds a space of invisibility from our sight, because such things have
no relevance to us at the moment; they do not matter in our current
paradigm. When it matters, then components of the invisible will

It is amazing to think that we have used these words an incalculable number of times to create reality. We pay attention to the things that matter. Here
we have it once again: a set of words heard throughout our lives, from
our parents, school, work and those in authority. So what currency are
we using to pay attention? We are using our to bring things into focus. Our applied attention
is really a projection of energy, or more specifically, a navigation of
emotions, which are electrochemical impulses. So, we make payment
with the thought or emotion behind the energy output. Since we know
that it is the science of observation—the focus of the observer—that
creates reality, then we can more clearly see how we create those things
that we give focus to; those things that we pay attention to.

reality is a result of a group effort of determining what matters, and
in so doing what we see before us as a common experience are those
things that we have each agreed matter. This formula can be seen in full
effect in an entire culture or race of people. The media has assisted
in planting seeds in our minds about what does or does not matter, and
so we materialize those things through the power of suggestion. The same
holds true with projections through movies, spiritual leaders,
education, government and the corporate structure. We are constantly
being reminded of what should be important, or what is expected to be
important to us. The subtlety of the suggestions is clever. We are
prompted to pay attention to the impending doom of the environment or of the potential doom of 2012.

matters, paper or plastic or an environmental bag? Which do you choose?
Do you choose out of fear, or do you choose based on your own personal
preference? This simple process of consumers switching from plastic to
carrying their own environmentally–friendly bags shows the easy
manipulation of the human mind based on information cataloged and fed to
consumers, who will more than likely not do their own research into
what they are being told. Much of this new environmental programming is
simply more of the same old manipulation by those who determine what
should matter. The energy of the masses is always needed to construct
the vision of what collective reality should look like. They need you to
pay attention. The Poverty program is quite prominent in
people of color throughout the planet, and is reinforced by the manner
in which the rest of society is encouraged to pay attention to
this matter. Both sides lend energy to an acceptance of a people in
what seems to be irreversible poverty. The minds of an entire race of
people hold this matter in focus as an accepted fate. Those
who understand this science do all that is necessary to hold this
program in place, with the support of an unsuspecting society.

we are experiencing reality on the material plane, then everything here
matters to us. We don’t seem to deviate from the pattern of reality we
hold in focus. There is no deviation from the base structure or model of

Definitions For Matter

Matter is a general term for the substance of which all physical objects are made.[1][2] Typically, matter includes atoms and other particles which have mass. A common way of defining matter is as anything that has mass and occupies volume.[ 

  1. Something
    that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a
    physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole.

  2. Physics. Something that has mass and exists as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Britannica

The Patriarch Hui-neng
“Our Essence of Mind is intrinsically pure. All things are only its
manifestations, and good deeds and evil deeds are only the result of
good thoughts and evil thoughts respectively. Imagination, thought and
will make deeds, and by our deeds we make ourselves. All that we are is
the result of our thoughts; it is founded on our thoughts, made up of
our thoughts.”

Although matter is not the end–all
of the creative process, it is, however, of extreme relevance in the
process of arriving at the material level of reality. While the material
world consists of mass, volume and weight equating to solidity, it is
mind that forms the foundation upon which reality stands. It is
consciousness that defines the level of mind shaping what will matter.

it’s time to re–evaluate those things you have placed importance on,
those things you have paid much attention to, and those things you’ve
deemed to matter. How much life–force have you expended on things which,
perhaps with more clarity and insight, might not matter? Everything
that matters must be supported by the energizer of that creation. We are
the umbilical cord to our creations. Those things that seem to matter
or take form also include our struggles and our . This
kind of emotional engagement has weight and can become quite draining as
we continue to support and focus our attention on them without

In this article it is important to briefly examine the three states of Matter and their behavior:


Assumes the shape and volume of its container

Particles can move past one another


Lots of free space between particles

Flows easily


Assumes the shape of the part of the container which it occupies

Particles can move/slide past one another

Not easily compressible

Little free space between particles

Flows easily


Retains a fixed volume and shape

Rigid – particles locked into place

Not easily compressible

Little free space between particles

Does not flow easily

Rigid – particles cannot move/slide past one another

Take note of the similarities and differences between all three but most importantly examine the behavior of the solid
state: it’s fixed, rigid, not easily compressed and not much free space
between particles. Now examine the nature of the human experience in
the physical world and the fear of change and movement. Whatever we lock
into, we stay there. It’s a struggle to move from a familiar position
or experience, and so it is with our addiction to the collective model
of reality by which we operate. These vehicles are made up of solid
matter, which reinforces our fear of expansion or change. We emulate the
behavior of the particles. The irony of the “matter” is that the
behavior of the wave and particle interchange is dependent on the
consciousness of the observer of the experience.

insight into the science of what matters caused me to examine and
re–evaluate those things that might well be creating interference to
changing aspects of my storyline. Your storyline is being held in place
because it encompasses a great many things that matter to you. It’s
therefore challenging to change the habitual story because you are no
longer aware of where your emphasis has been placed. Supporting your
story and paying attention or focus to it has become an
automatic process, so you no longer see that you are lost in these
matters. A key realization now is that nothing is final and that
becoming aware of this simple but impactful understanding can, in one
afternoon, shed light on what will matter or perhaps will no longer
matter to you. This can result in a liberation and self–realization that
you may not have felt for quite some time. It matters, it matters not!