Monday, 6 September, 2010  (posted 20 September, 2010)

This month marks the autumnal , which happens on
September 22, a time when we once again have an opportunity to balance
the energies in and around us. Right after the equinox is a at
the Aries point, which is 0 degrees of Aries. This is a powerful
transformational force that will give strength to whatever intention you
set for yourself. Use the period leading up to it, beginning now, to
pay attention to what is coming up in your life to be balanced and then
do the inner work that is revealed to you. This is a wonderful
opportunity for completion if we are willing.

I have noticed in
recent readings that the issue of energetic balance is very strong. What
do we need to do to be balanced, how do we stay balanced and what
throws us off balance are questions that arise with clients. While we
all have the intention for balance, it is interesting how easily we
allow others to throw us off balance. An unkind word, a deliberate
action or a perceived slight are often enough to throw our good
intentions to be powerful out the window and we are off balance,
wondering what happened and why these people hate us.

With balance
comes a reminder that others do things in spite of us, not always to
us, and for their own reasons. Jealousy is an emotion that we never
attribute to others often enough, when assessing their actions. Why
should we since we don’t always think we’re that special, why would
someone be jealous of us. But often their actions or words are inspired
by their jealousy or envy. Will you allow it to throw you off balance?
It’s up to you.

Make a commitment this month to gain balance in
your life, where the that flows out of you is matched by what you
receive. Where the people in your life give to you from their heart and
treat you with love, respect and consideration. Set your intention for
and insist on being with like-minded people who appreciate you for who
you are and release those who do not. Then allow yourself to know what
it means to feel the peace, joy and clarity that comes with being in
balance with your own energy and claim the miracles that are yours for
the asking.

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