Posted: 22 Sep 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Channeled by Brenda for Life

Dear Ones,

Today is one of those extreme energy days – perhaps you are feeling
agitated. Such agitated feelings are merely a of what is
happening to you energetically.

Let us move forward a few days so that you can feel confident that
today’s discomfort will result in feelings that are more appropriate to
the joy of . The next few days as a springboard into the New
Age. You have had other days in which you may have had similar feelings,
but with different results.

Most of your prior have altered your inner being. Today
and the next few days are about moving those inner feelings into your
outer world. How will this surge impact your relationships and your

For those just initiating their movement into the New Age, or
refusing to do so, nothing much will change. But for those of you “on
the path” or scout masters and wagon train leaders, you will note a
different feel to your life.

Those of you who have not yet learned to love yourself as you do others and vis versa, will note an extreme shift.

We will describe that shift briefly and then allow, a better
yet, urge you to rest as much as possible. You will not “fall apart” if
you do not rest in the next few days, but you will be emotionally and
physically exhausted.

This shift from inner to outer will be dramatic in numerous ways.
Some politicians will seem to change direction “mid-stream.” Others will
not change at all. Some will seem to soften, others may become more set
in their ways.

The same is true for those of you reading this. Most of you will find
beauty in others, those same people who made you angry just a few days
ago. You will understand their point of view, even if you do not
necessarily agree with it.

Perhaps you will better understand this thought if you remember how
just a few weeks ago, many of you started uniting the light and joyous
parts of your being with those parts of you that felt heavy and not so
light. You accepted yourself with all of your “warts.”

For those of you worried that you have not yet accepted all of your
being, there is no need to do so. You have incorporated enough of your
totality to be at this place now. It is interesting how many of you
insist on an A+ in your , when a B- or even C- is totally

Perhaps there are a few areas you could review or merge into your
being, but not enough for you to halt your process. You are not looking
for perfection. You merely wish to move forward with all the joy you can

Have you ever taken a class in which you received an A and yet knew
that you had not learned every aspect there was to learn about that
subject? Did you reject that A? Or did you accept it with pleasure
knowing that if you wished to delve into that subject at a later date
you could. So it is for you now.

The majority of you – and you will know who you are by what you are
interested in – have completed your inner blending and are ready to
apply those learnings to your outer life.

This is a time of joy. More and more you will interact with others
who will surprise you with their love and joy. In turn, you will
surprise yourself with your self-comfort level and your interest in and
love for others – even those you found distasteful a short time ago.

These are indeed a dramatic few days. Not in terms of the Old Age
fears of despair and doom, but of the New Age need – and it will be a
need – to interact with others in love and joy.

What will happen if you interact with others in love and they, in
turn, interact from the Old Age perspective of fear and pain? Nothing.
For you will not have a great deal of interest in interacting with them,
anymore than they will wish to interact with you.  Perhaps they will
shift in the future. Or perhaps not.

You will wish to experience joy in all it’s ramifications, and they
will wish to experience pain. Neither is right nor wrong. Just two
different places in personal development.

Do not be surprised if you feel giddy with excitement in the next few
days. After all, this is what you have worked towards for a very long
time. The New Age is here and you are an important part of it. Enjoy
your new life. It is one of breathtaking possibilities – most notably,
joy in all of its dimensions.

Allow yourself to see and feel the beauty in your being. And then
allow yourself to sparkle in your interactions of love for others.  Mark
this equinox as the time in which you learned enough about your New Age
inner workings to apply those learnings to your world at large.

This is a celebratory time. Shout for joy for yourself and others.
And then allow yourself to embrace others in a way you never thought
possible. We are indeed all one. So be it. Amen.

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