Today is just one of those days….  The real important job was finished yesterday, and tested our software in great detail and with sufficient results. Today I’m on broom detail: sweeping up those jobs that just keep lying around because nobody has the time to do them. On top of that, a deep-rooted dependency on my computers has me waiting for them every chance they get to make me wait.

Einstein explained it by comparing a hot stove with a beautiful woman, in order to explain the relativity of time. And those who have put their hands on a hot stove (me @ age 3) will know what he means, period! Hence my very strong preference for beautiful women!  ;-)

But in those waiting moments, a beautiful world is often what I think about, rather than the one I’d love to share it with. Not daydreaming about the impossible, although I proudly claim nothing is. But just observing the events in my past and Now, and noticing how intricately they fit together to weave a new mantle out of the I still have left. 

Become a trendwatcher, and you too will see that in fact, the only way is up! Oops, need to go for a while, the waiting is over…..   

Imagine a perfect world, if you will. If it is perfect, then can anything go wrong? No! But that does not mean it cannot fail to appear, if it is not part of the perfect solution! So any failure you can observe, can quite handily be relegated to the realm of those things that won’t happen, because something better is about to. No sadness about the mismanifestations any more, simply because you didn’t think BIG enough yet! Have fun entertaining the even wilder ideas for your future.

Love your most luscious fantasies (and I don’t mean men or women persé),