Channeler: Meredith Murphy

Before time began there was a knowing.

Within this knowing was an orientation to peace and transparency
which bled through all of creation. This openness to what was and
divine alignment within identity kept each being fully oriented to
All-That-Is and within this there was a beautiful harmony and
orchestration of all things.

Knowing this mode of being, All-That-Is struck up a new system for
experiencing its own creativity; release control to the individualized
identity within the creations themselves.

And so it is.

Unfoldment followed upon unfoldment. Essence voices swept through
time and formed new modes of interaction, collective and arc. The
opening to multiple folds within the Omni-verse, led to a choir that was
expansive and yet, still, astonishingly beautiful in its surprising and
innate ability to create beauty.

This is the innate power of the organizing of our experience.

Within All-That-Is there is a knowing since all is one, which makes
the divine and yet completely unique impulses of each aspect, each focus
of , completely able to be itself entirely and yet
inherently create order and harmonics&;while yet expanding!

The poetry of life is awesome, is it not?

And now, we come forth to remind you of these truths.

If you but listen to your own inner voice.

If you but yield to expectation of experiencing what your heart would most desire.

You will draw forth into creation the expressions of self that will
innately harmonize with all the other creatures, beings, forms and
non-forms of creation that exist and are yet to exist and the harmonics
of this expression will create still more expansion and beauty.

It is our endless dance.

Within this moment of orientation to beauty you will find yourself
innately knowing the focus which yields your true peace. Although long
away from this manner of living if you but re-focus your orientation
here you will find nothing will keep you from completing your
aspirations as you simply express the diversified and unique aspirations
of Source.

Such is life.

It is far simpler and yet within this foundation of being, far more
rich and seemingly contradictory than can be encompasses by the focal
point of one. But, indeed, that IS NOT the purpose of the focal point
of one.

The focal point of one, is to trust the Law of One and to seed the
worlds in which one resides with the diversification possible only
through your experience and unique blueprint of desire.

In this beauty which cannot be described in words will be made,
experienced, received, echoed and gratitude will flow throughout

Do you have any idea what a soaring this is?

Take the best moment ever and amplify it beyond your wildest
imaginings…and you are still only approaching the radiant, high-speed,
faster than light, vibration of love that is launched by such a reality.

So, we ask you now. Go within.

What would literally make your heart sing?

Are you choosing large and big enough? Really what would make your heart sing? Please just put your mind to it.

We all do this and peace reigns. Love flows and beauty shimmers across time and space.

It is the innate nature of BE-ing.

I AM you.

Know this in the essence of your being. Nothing else matters.

Be free and thrive!

Beauty alone awaits your call to being.

Come forth!

I AM Naeshira | Ashira

© 2009-2010, Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise
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