I think I may have mentioned this before, but perhaps a rewording of what used to look simple then might provide us with more insight. Yes, insight for both you and me, because you have no idea how many realizations occur to me when mulling over such a modest piece of proze like this….

Good and bad don’t exist, right? So doing good or bad is equally futile.
But doing the right thing is, it is important to you (and me, and
everybody). Now in doing the right thing, there may be two possible
outcomes. Only two? Yes, either you were right and what you consequently
did was right, or you goofed up, in which case you took one of the
infinite paths which were not right. So right is a vector, and you’re
aligned with it or not. Your choice, no referees!

Nope, no referee to punish you in case you do it wrong. On the contrary
even, you get an of second, third and umpteenth chances to redo
it and make it right! I mean, they’ve got forevah! You too, but you
just may not be quite sure of it yet….

But consider the fact that only one way is right, all others aren’t: if
independent forces all acted upon each other, in their desire to do
right or wrong, which group would you think has the most chance at
succeeding? Where can the most unity be found, no matter how well
organized any one group might be?

Simple case really, just look at the pictures above ^

And there’s an added to be made from those images, about the
effectivity of the configurations shown….  Just try lighting one or
the other: the red tips may not even all ignite, if you light one, but
hit one of the green ones in the box, and they all are on fire
instantly. Nothwithstanding the fact they’re all independent matches,
independently striving for the green cause, they have more of a chance
at making it than the red ones, which point every way but one, and thus
divide their effort accordingly!

So, I think I’ve finally made clear why it’s game, set and match to us, and so much for the dark…..

Love your logic,