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There was a document left for us that was carved in stone to allow angelic humans to remember the meaning of returning on February 2011. Those who remembered what Galactic Consciousness meant between 1999 and this time, will soon begin to reconnect,

realign, remember and REE-cognize their consciousness into the frequency alignment of Universal Consciousness.

I asked my Universal Light Council Team this question:

What are the implications of changing from the 8th dimensional Galactic Consciousness into the 12th Dimensional Universal Consciousness?

Well, first of all, the is a fallen system that allowed the entrance of control mongers, war mongers and there has been a grand challenge of allowing the grey to enter in. There is always a struggle of freedom in a system that is not spinning toward its Source.

A Universal System is always a star system–a divine system.

When a star falls away from its Source, it becomes a planet. Fallen isn’t an evil word, it simply means a star that got blown out of its system and fell away from its Source.

In the case of this Earth planet, she was originally a star in the Aquarius (what your scientists call Andromeda galaxy) and fell into the Milky Way galaxy. Her Creator was Sun Alcyone. It is always the of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all of its own vast creation and man is tributary to this . The Earth and the world of man would collapse without this Mind. The translation of man and the universe into its original source will be harmonic and eternal.

In a Normal Star System, the star rotates toward its Creator- not away from it. So, this would imply that come February 2011, Earth will be spinning toward Sun Alcyone in order to return to the Oneness of Consciousness or the Mind of Creation. The Harmonic Atunement of the Divine Frequency of the creation

of the light of the system of ideas originating and growing out from the Central Sun into all tributary ideas of will unitie in harmonic transformation.

There is also a veil placed over this original Matrix causing a death seal to grow inside of the brain causing the illusion of mortal man to be temporarily replacing the immortal man of the Creator’s Mind. That Seal will melt away once the Central Sun regains harmonic realignment. This seal has been blocking the normal immortality that allows the traits of immortality such as instantaneous healing resulting from the reality that all that was created in the image and likeness of the Divine Creator can not become anything other than the perfect likeness. Therefore there will be no more illness, disease or sickness of any type. There will be no more death. There will only be individual decisions of when and where an individual desires to remain.

The melting away and complete removal of the death seal will happen in proportion to the translation of man and the universe back into Spirit. In proportion of man being governed by the law of Divine Mind, his body is in submission to everlasting Life and Truth and Love. As the Principle which is above is reflected by all that is below in one grand concord. As man allows to be governed by the higher frequencies and allows to be translated up from the lower frequencies into the higher frequencies is the proportion of the translation of man and the universe.

Once man allows no other consciousness of Life to govern him, so will be his entrance into heaven and harmony. Man will leave the consciousness of the galaxy and become translated into the consciousness of the Universal forever.

Imagine a tiny little movie projector in he brain with a reel that has been spinning backwards for billions of years. These are the reels of movies or records of lifetimes of spinning away from the Central Sun. Now imagine all of the movies on that reel beginning to spin until it reaches the end of the reel. When that reel reaches that point, it can begin spinning and playng a new movie that is co-created with Divine Mind because it will be Divine Mind who develops the film in our movie projector . All of those old movies must play out on the movie projector of our minds until we reach the end of the reel. Those who reach the end of their reel by 2011 will begin the Univeral Movie in 2/11.

It will be the Divine Mind of Source Consciousness who decides if the movies being created meet the standards of Divine Love, , Creativity, Substance and Principle that match the Divine Template. We become Co-Creators when we are in the exact Harmonic Alignment of Oneness with Source.Alignment into Universal Consciousness means the transformation into the Divine Template of Source. This template created the Universe as the reflection of the Perfect One. The Universal Template is the 12th dimensional template. The template is an etheric, spiritual template that holds the codes and keys of the perfect creation. This creation can appear as a star, a sun or a man. The template holds the perfect form. The 12 DNA template is created from this same mold of the template. So, the date of the return of Universal Consciousness is the date of the return of 12 DNA awakening.

The cause of the awakening is the avaialbility of the Frequencies of the Central Sun, the Frequencies of all of the Suns aligning into and through Sun Alcyone, the availability of all of the Cosmic Frequencies and Source Frequencies as a result of the perfect Universal Consciousness becoming retrievalbe in proportion to man’s alignment into these Frequencies.

The movies that we create in our minds will be different beginning 2/11. The movies will be created from a man of peace rather than a man of war. The movies will be direced and produced by Divine Mind- our Divine Mother Love. The man who is governed by Universal Mind is always holy and grand, full of wisdom beauty, power and grace who desires only peace, freshness and creation of heaven on Earth.

The frequencies of this Galaxy have tangled up and woven into inharmonic tones. The frequencies of Universal Consciousness will pull the mind forward and upward toward the eternal creative principle. The movies will be created from the light streaming through the projector from Cosmic Light of Sun Alcyone and the Central Sun of Source and the Divine Template will Manifest itself into Earth’s Grid and into the Consciousness of Man.

From that point in time until 12/12 we will grow into the complete new Universal Consciousness. We will be re-born into a brand new baby universe where all of the consciousness of our starry familie have been transmutted throug hthe Golden Cosmic melting pot of the Cosmic Egg or Divine Mother. The starry transformation will be re born into a grand new higher consiousness that has never been experienced in all of the Universes.

There will be many who do not experience this transformation and many who will never believe that it ever happened. A person must raise their frequencies of Consciousness or level of knowing and align into that Universal and Cosmic Frequency of Knowing in order to see the Reality of that Frequency Channel. Those who are tuned in to channel three or channel four will not be watching what is taking place on channel 12.