Your consciousness is the awareness
you hold, the light ray you travel on which attracts other lights that
vibrate at its frequency. You may believe that your consciousness is a
fixed point in your soul’s evolution but your soul, like all else in the
Universe, is on an expanding path of ascension. At each level of
completion it is ready to attract a new that you
can attract when the ego is partnered with Spirit and you allow your
divinity to lead your understanding.

The soul is the ego’s reminder of its potential which is why your
journey moves as you become aware of a different
that require you to heal and release all that limits you. The soul’s
gift to the ego is closure and release as each phase of healing is
completed. You have created this paradigm within the third dimension to
help you release the layers of consciousness whose density hold you
imprisoned by and limited in fear.

As you move into you attract new levels of
consciousness. The soul brings their energies to your awareness by
revealing them as beacons of hope to keep you moving forward on your
journey. Then as you achieve these new levels, you are made aware of the
next one and so the path continues, each level of ascension leading to
another. This is not a punishment or burden you have undertaken in this
lifetime, it has been the path all of your lifetimes have taken. It is
in this lifetime that humanity has the ability to complete all cycles,
close all connections to fear and release all dense energies to the
light of understanding and truth.

Open your awareness to a new light ray to attract a new
consciousness, a with all of its blessings, learning and
healing. With Spirit as your guide, expand your light and human bodies
to ground this consciousness and allow a new potential to become your
energetic vibration. Draw upon your soul’s desire for wholeness and
integrity of spirit and human to be the light which guides you to
fulfillment of your contract with Source to become spiritual humans and
bring heaven on earth.

Shared with Love
Jess x

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