Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Do you question why God allows evil to exist in the world since it
creates so much pain and suffering? If you are children of the light,
why do you live in a world that can be so dark? If everything on the
earth has a purpose to glorify the light, how can evil participate in
this purpose? Is evil part of ascension? You who have suffered from your
experiences of the dark, of evil, of separation and powerlessness
wonder why this is part of the earth. It is here as part of the
third dimensional journey from separation to connection, which is the
path from to love.

As with everything on the , evil’s purpose is to magnify
light. In this plane of it is one of many paths whose
is grounded in fear. Those who embody the vibration of evil also remind
you of the light. Because they have agreed to embody fear and its
vibration in their lifetime, their actions and words allow duality to be
exposed in ways that cannot be accomplished by those who walk the path
of light. The most evil in humanity are those who bring you to the
depths of darkness and allow many to choose light instead. Without
darkness, light cannot be experienced and each one must choose light
over darkness. This is the purpose of ascension.

The journey from separation to connection is one that takes you from
darkness to light. This is one of many choices for your path, which you
must choose from your heart. You must be willing to choose the light and
to reject evil not because you are in fear but because you choose to
honor the light within you and allow it to be the prevailing energy on
your path. Light illuminates the darkness and the choice of light raises
the vibration of fear but energies are still available as choices. This
is the journey you created for ascension and those who choose light can
walk this path; those who do not have more darkness to experience
before they can choose the , love and freedom from fear.
This is the reason for ascension.

You transform evil when you move from fear to love. It is easy to
choose light from a place of fear simply because the light will ease
your pain. But once you are free from pain and out of fear, do you still
choose the light? This choice is made in each moment, when you choose
connection over separation, divinity or powerlessness, love over fear.
Whether the choice is for dark or light, love or fear, evil or good, all
is in divine order in the ascension journey and each path simply
reflects the vibration and level of light that it can. As more choose
light and the earth’s vibration is moved beyond the duality of fear,
evil will be transformed into light and peace and love will be the ways
of the world.

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