Channeler: Matariki Dimension

I have been feeling a bit impatient lately. I have been wanting to
push things and I have heard talk to me about Allowing ..

Today she spoke to me again about waiting and time &;

As you move out of your . You will see that time cannot be contained in this way.

It travels backwards and forwards, loops back on itself as if to pick up the loose threads.

It expands and contracts – like your breath. It reacts to your heart.

You are the hour – glass.

All is linked together forming a most beautiful pattern.

Each encounter touching another and another which sets in motion events and what you would call `chance meetings’.

Nothing is by chance or everything is by chance.

It depends how you wish to view this.

Yes – the waiting.

You are not happy with this but as the of the seed in the darkness shows

waiting does not have to imply passivity.

One does not have to be in pursuit of something which is on its way to you.

Would you chase after the falling leaf if one were to land in your hand?

Be sure that you are in the right place.

Know that all is in order.

Trust that it is all in hand.