Channeler: Aruna Byers

All beings are divine, but are more actively living as divine
beings than most. Night and day, they are answering a call from within
to be one with . Nothing but this, matters to an open minded human.
Closed minded humans cannot turn to God within, as they are mentally
devoted to mind’s concept of God that they carry as memory, with no
change, from one lifetime to the next. Caught in duality for many
lifetimes, they take on a most difficult task, to deprogram themselves
in this lifetime.

Pure and simple confrontations, that attack this core belief, are met
with dismay and fear. Many of these are my chelas. They may be curious
now, regarding the most difficult conditions about to occur, or my
method of leading them to more of God’s answers to the dreams of their
hearts, but they stay away from my teachings about God, as these cannot
be generally delivered at a church, synagogue or mosque.

Here are my teachings about God:
The full control of man’s existence is the design of God, the
consciousness of man’s One source of life. All of man’s creations are
co-creations, not totally man’s own concepts or manifestations. No
design of man is controlled by his mind, only the consciousness beyond
his mind, his divine True Nature. Mind designates the conditions it
desires, and IF the agrees, co-creation can happen.
Mind is not the manifestor, consciousness is. Man’s decisions are made
by his consciousness.

A lower awareness consciousness is the continuation of a contract
that consciousness made for a man in this lifetime. A more developed
awareness consciousness also is a contract made by the same
consciousness. The consciousness that chooses to be a Master’s chela is
also created by this same consciousness. All roles of these human actors
were developed by the divine consciousness called God, Allah, Higher
Self, etc. No Master calls any being "God", as there is no One being
that has this designation. All, collectively, including man’s dogs,
mice, mosquitoes, and all of his , can be called aspects of
God, as all contain an aspect of divine consciousness.

Preachers, of all religions, do not consider this most conscious
awareness to be accurate. No man who leads talks to an audience about a
God who lives in heaven needs my messages, as they cannot accept what
these messages convey. But, many in their audience are not convinced of
this "God in Heaven" concept. Questioning the accepted material,
believed by the masses, delivers an opportunity to discover the truth
about God. Once a doubt arises, there is an opening for more insights to
be revealed. Next, an active call to God for more awareness, draws
forth the messages about Christ consciousness that are needed, to be
delivered out of the realm of normal thinking, and into conscious
awareness. Public delivery of these contents cannot be accepted yet. My
words are not the most concrete, as a method of convincing those who
have many answers from memories and controlled dogma delivered to them
in childhood. Only those who are open to a channeled delivery, can
consider them to be informative. And now, my dear ones, I’m going to
make a most delightful comment: My chelas are adding this message blog
to their new discovery ability. Many are being opened in their
consideration of these teachings. Blessings abound, as many can be
Awakened by them.

An Awakening comes when no dogma is closing a door to new awareness.
Once a door is closed, nothing can come in. Opening the door, continues
exploration and discovery. Bringing more awareness to mass consciousness
can only happen when new awareness is available. Believing anything can
close the door.

Give the director of this human drama the opportunity to dramatize an
Awakening of consciousness, by being open to the commitment of your own
heart, to Awaken. This commitment is your contract for this lifetime.
As a divine being, act as an aspect of the One, by inviting the divine
awareness of your own heart to open. Once opened, consciousness of the
highest awareness is available.

Basically, God is the of this, but the call for it also
comes from God. Realize you are the caller and the deliverer, not the
mind’s concept of man and a deity called God. Beliefs are not concrete.
Man needs to directly experience his divine True Nature. Meditation, and
making a difference in the lives of those that man enjoys as friends
and acquaintances, can deliver more of God’s awareness to his chelas.
God is the director of all chelas, they are not exclusively mine, or any
other Master’s. My call to "my" chelas means that my consciousness is
God consciousness. All Masters are Awakened with God consciousness. No
Master "owns" anything except his name.

Make this message a day’s contemplation. Many of you may be concerned
about its accuracy. Good, question, and discover the Truth for
yourself. My job is to act as a catalyst for that questioning, not to
dictate a new quantity of dogma.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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