Channeler: Karen Bishop

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What is The Heart of the Night?

In these times of great uncertainty, there is one thing I am certain
about and it is this: I do not yet know what I will be offering next,
if anything at all. A very new plan has unfolded yet, and within this
plan, much has changed. In this regard, I feel it only appropriate to
stay current with communication for those of you who already have or who
intend to be on the mailing list still affiliated with any future

What Has Changed and Why?

In March of 2010, many of us had a great and unusual urge to clean
up, clear out the old, remove the clutter, clean our houses, re-arrange
things, and other in this arena. This was because we were
preparing for a massive wave of light to arrive, and it was important
that "things" were not in the road or path of the wave, as they would
then be knocked out of their grooves.

Along this note, many of us were also urged to stay under the radar,
go "undercover," or remove ourselves from the road as well, as even our
human selves needed to be "out of sight" for awhile. But not only
because of the wave of light that was about to arrive, but for our own
protection as well. Fear can generate a of behaviors in human
beings, and as many of us have come to know of late, many of these
behaviors and responses can be unpleasant…especially for those holding
a fair amount of light, as they become targets and/or can be discounted
and grossly disrespected by this fear. (This scenario has also occurred
because we needed specific places to be so grossly unpleasant so that
we would not be tempted to ever return.)

All during this time, a very new plan was being "discussed" at the
higher levels, and this plan was very new…at least in regard to the
implementation of how it would be orchestrated. The first two plans (or
separation of the worlds) had not resulted in the intended outcomes, so
in this way, things were now being "tested" to see how we would all
respond to new ways of bringing the New World into form along with the
raising of consciousness that was indeed at hand. You may have suddenly
felt as if you were back in the 60’s for awhile with lots of
reminiscing, then at other times you may have felt an overwhelming love
for nature and the earth, and at other times, you may have felt as if
strange time warps were occurring along with parallel realities and the
like. And then there was of course nothing to hold onto, or feelings of
hanging out in the middle of the ocean in a small rowboat with no
paddle, all alone and drifting to who knows where! Without a lot of
explanation here, it is suffice to only say that things were being lined
up and re-arranged, along with small "tests" of future outcomes so that
the new plan would have a much better chance of succeeding this time.
Because of the many "miscalculations" of the prior plans, much time was
needed to pull something together that would address current realities
now present and how they would respond.

So then, at the same time, the new waves of light began to arrive.
They manifested as big blasts of light that knocked us out of our
grooves. We would regain our balance once again, look off to the shore
and say, "Wow, what a beautiful sight that is!" only to be hit once
again by another big whollup or wave of that would knock us down,
push our faces into the sand, while we attempted to stand up once
again, spit out a mouth full of water, rinse the sand out of our
privates, and regain our composure…but only for a short time! We would
perhaps find ourselves gazing out at a beautiful sunset over the ocean
and then ever so suddenly, pow! Another wave would hit once again and
knock us over. Here in the southwest we are also experiencing great heat
along with internal heat or hot flashes. Heat stroke is also resulting
like never before, for humans and animal companions, while the old is
"burning off" as this brilliant light shines down upon us.

There is unprecedented darkness as well, but again, a reason behind
it. These massive waves of intense light are like
treatments, meaning they are very uncomfortable but with a need to "kill
off" or remove all the lower vibrating energies within and without
before we begin again. But know as well, that there is a very strong
grounding energy already in place "below" us, along with a brilliant
light above us. What remains is a very thin layer of darkness in
between, and it is very thin indeed as it is all that remains. With each
wave of light knocking out the old, this very thin layer is slowly but
surely being removed.

So then, these waves of light are serving a distinct purpose. They
are successfully removing any, and this time ALL, old energy that cannot
survive in a higher vibrating reality. And because we are experiencing
acute similarities to the energies of this same time last year, we are
also being catapulted into very new spaces, or very new rungs on the
ascension ladder. But this time, there will be fewer and fewer arrivals
of souls at the highest ends, so much less company. We are having a big
re-run of 2009 at this time, but this time, things may work out
differently because of the new divisions (and remember…connections of
love and the heart surpass all divisions).

There will be much occurring in regard to new and temporary
restructuring in the physical in regard to supports, but I am not going
into that here, as I do not contribute this information anymore and it
no longer feels comfortable for me to deliver this kind of information
or to be in my old role. We will all be okay, and very generally
speaking, local will be our main connection along with connections of
the heart.

So then, we were in a new birth canal for quite some time (all the
planetary alignments during the summer months), and this resulted in
stopping very briefly at spots along a shoreline, but we were still
"moving," so our intended destinations were not yet in clear sight.
Being in a new birth canal also resulted in a dis-connect or inability
to "see" farther out or even to connect to much of anything on the
outside. On August 9th, 2010, or 8-9-10, we actually landed somewhere
(you may have felt a big sigh of relief and felt very grounded for no
apparent reason). Meaning that our final destinations were now visible,
but all the tendrils or ways to support these destinations were still
not yet in place.

Add to this the letting go of our soul purposes for some of us as
well. This involved a massive letting go of all levels of
"responsibility" in order to arrive at a higher level on the ascension
ladder, or with the new reality. This level is all about being in the
moment, being in simplicity, being in joy, love, and happiness, and all
with no agenda. At this level, there is no connection to anything having
to do with bringing a new planet into form, why we were put here in the
first place, and how we can "help" bring the plan into form. It is all
about being here on the earth and having a beautiful and loving
experience in form (the original and pristine intention). Creating
abilities at this level are very noticeable as well.

Because of all of the above, it is not yet possible to be in a new
space or to decisively know what I will be offering in times to come.
During the process from May onward, a good fit would arrive, and then a
wave of light would knock it out of its groove because it was only a
connection in passing and not the ultimate destination. I have to admit
that I do have a fair idea of what I could perhaps be offering in the
future, but I am not yet clear about my decision to completely retire
and smell the roses, stay in the simple life with all things I consider
dear to me and what really matters most, or perhaps even experience a
bit of everything. I am told, as I expect many of you are as well, that I
will be "asked" to offer something, if that is indeed my next step. It
is not really up to me in all ways. And many of us will be going our
separate ways, as well we should, as we embody our new spaces and our
new individual power in times to come.

We are moving into a time where we can have whatever we choose…I am
frequently told that. It is really about whatever we want, once we
discern what that really is for each and every one of us, and we cannot
really know what that is until we become the pure and pristine selves
that we are now in the process of becoming once again.

I must again apologize for the continuing changes in regard to my
mailing list, but I would also like to say that I hope you are all well
and hanging on during these challenging times. I also ask that you
respect my privacy during this time, and know that I have completely
dis-connected from my old role and prior work. The brief summary above
is only intended to serve as an explanation for the continual changes
with the mailing list.

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With much appreciation for your patience and much love,

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