Ah, those were the days: I was a young man, had heard nothing of Snoedel and its related subjects, and just did what felt right, without every figuring out if it was the right thing. Not that I’d want to go back there, mind you! But still life felt OK at times. I wished whatever I wanted, managed to get about half of it, but everything stayed more or less the same….

Snoedel changed all that. Being drenched by the idea that I had free will, I immediately dove into the conclusion that if I did, so did everybody else! And getting stuff meant that somebody else was losing it…  Sure, you also learn that there’s an infinite supply where that came from, but deciding to believe that is quite something different than actually living it! Probably I still don’t, as the rest of this article shows.

I figured out that giving was one of my talents, one of the things I love. But occassions to give tend to come by sparsely so as not to exhaust you or your resources, so I was always OK, and happiness florished. And as long as I stuck to giving, and didn’t give it a second thought, all was well in my world, and everything ran like a finely tuned electrical engine. Stuff came my way I never even suspected, and promised more, much moore!

But there’s the catch, ladies and gentlemen: the moment I receive all that stuff promising more, there is some of it I absolutely want to have! But the moment I set my mind on acquiring  it, the whole system seems to spontaneously collapse like a house of cards! It starts to require effort to reach it all, and feels like everything seems to be conspiring to make those promises of more into nightmares of no more! And pretty soon I’m wrapped in a losing battle, that I just can’t seem to win.

Is someone trying to tell me something? Hints are cryptic at best, but the only sensible answer seems to be ‘yes’. And what are they trying to tell me, to nudge me into? Simple really: Total Acceptance of the fact that I’m being taken care of, BigTime!  The advice seems simple: just do what you do best, and stick to giving. Don’t worry about anything you might want or need, and before you know it, it will all fall into place!

So now I’ll just make myself some of yesterday’s macaroni, and wait for my ex who just called requiring some help with bank affairs. Better go at it well fed…..

Love your Abundance,