Listless on the couch, like during the last article, when the door bell rang: wondering who it would be, I opened the door to my ex, who came to drop of her poodle on the way to work. She hates letting him stay at home sometimes, so I’m next in the line of care since the kids are also here on weekends.

Macho bounced into the living room, onto the couch, and stumbled all
over my netbook, shutting it down in passing. As I said goodbye to
Linda, and restarted the machine, he climbed onto my lap in front of the
netbook, and nuzzled my hands as if to say: "put that darned thing
away, and take care of me for a while!"

Not even six kilograms of
dog, beige and furry, nice and soft to the touch. As I sat there
stroking its curls, the nagging idea of not being quite happy vanished
like a snowball on a Tahiti afternoon. Wondering whether I was loving
it, or it was loving me, or both…

When we still lived under the
same roof, he’d always climb unto my lap, if he found me in the lotus
posture for my meditation. And even right now, he’s lying alongside me
on the couch, within my left arm’s reach the moment I pause to think of my next

This is  the moment I long for: no desire other than to be
here, doing whatever I’m doing. And right now, I understand fully that
moments like this one are what gets me closer to of my
desires faster than anything I could possibly think up! Unfortunately,
when normal life kicks in again, I tend to forget these gems, and start
making a mess again….

Love your Moments,