I know All is well, and I keep mentioning it to you all often enough, but why oh why do I, when lack of results to my expectations surfaces, react like I’m not at all sure what will happen? Worse even, if I figure it won’t happen, why must what comes instead always be considered a compromise, something that I didn’t want?Actually, based on all the weird, totally incomprehensible syncs I’ve seen so far, I know it should be etched into my mind that delay is absolutely not always the cancelation our Dutch saying claims it is, on the contrary even!

Despite the fact I’m just an ordinary guy, and always have wanted to be one, I’ve experienced numerous unusual things, that would not ever have been possible unless something very wonderful is around to make them happen.

And yet I doubt, mostly because I listen to others too much. Worse even, because I reckon I know what they’re gonna say, I mostly don’t even listen for their answers, as if I heard them already.

Left to my own devices, things return to normal pretty quick. And lately, that is what I see happening around me: no matter what I do, there always seems to be that much more time, so I can get everything done in time and still have time left to wonder where all this is leading me too.

Because frankly, I don’t know! I know where I’d love it to go, but it feels like I’m the cat, and the omnipotent being up there commonly known as my is literally stringing me along with a ball of wool!

Maybe, I should just treat it all like it doesn’t matter, and I don’t mind, because if I retreat into nowadays, that is the prevailing feeling. Kinda like I can do whatever I want, but I’ll never be able to foil this Perfect Plan!

And as for that doubter who keeps on pulling in the outside world, maybe I’ll just shut him up by making him read out loud the entire list of positive stuff that happened in my life….

Love your optimism,