Posted: 08 Sep 2010 01:24 PM PDT

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Dear Ones,

This week may be uncomfortable for many of you. You may feel as if
you are at the starting gate and the gun has sounded; but you are only
able to move through the gate with a great deal of effort. Winning the
race is no longer your objective, just remaining awake and alert is.

We smile at your concerns. Please know that you have never
experienced what you are currently experiencing, so you have no
framework for appropriate behaviors or feelings. If you were about to
give birth, would you not be allowed to display temper tantrums,
emotional upheavals, exhaustion and many of the same feelings you are
now experiencing?

You are giving birth to yourself. Just as was true for the birth of
your baby, you are in the final stages of an extremely complex
transition that has required every ounce of strength – both emotional
and physical – that you have had in your past lives.

Unfortunately, there is no precedent for you to follow. You have never given birth to yourself in the physical form.

Prior to this , you expected to create your next life with
the help of your and similar entities in the spirit
realms. Once on earth, you merely played the role you selected prior to
birth and determined when it was time for you to return to the ethers
for a “tune up.” Sometimes you were pleased with your efforts during
your ; and other times you were not. But for the most part,
you accepted what happened and used those experiences to plan your next

Never before have you allowed yourself to remove the veils that
protect you from your memories in all of your lifetimes. In truth, you
have not always even believed that there was a place such as the spirit
world where you planned your next incarnation.

Some of you believed that you lived on earth or other environs only
once. Others of you believed in reincarnation. And still others that you
transitioned into an angel or were delivered to hell according to what
occurred during your most recent lifetime. But in all of these beliefs,
you did not allow yourself to access many or all of your reincarnations
or the periods in-between reincarnations. You purposefully closed that
part of your .

To do so, you forced yourself to negate certain physical, emotional
and spiritual functions. And by so doing, incarnation after incarnation,
you reduced your ability to access that information even when you
tried. How could you possibly deny life between lives, if bits and
pieces of past lives continuously seeped into your memory bank?

You created your belief patterns about afterlife and reincarnations
for a variety of reasons. Most notably of which, you forced yourself to
live, and thereby believe, in your physical bodies because your goal was
to be fully incarnated physically.

You achieved that goal. But now you are so enmeshed in that goal that
you have had to reconfigure your being to fully accept the reality of
life on earth and other environs, as well as life between lives. Hence,
the recent energy bursts. You are awakening to your true being – a
glorious, sparkling being. But as is true for any earth pregnancy, to do
so you have to shift your physical and emotional beings.

Those of you who have been pregnant, understand the dramatic shifts
that seemed to occur daily throughout your pregnancy. There are those
glorious days when all you can sense is the beauty of the moment and the
darling baby growing within you. But there are the other days when you
cannot wait to rid yourself of this cumbersome part of your body that
seems to have no connection to you. You find yourself ranting about the
silliest thing as you start crying in frustration trying to understand
yourself. But earth pregnancy is such a common experience, that you
accept and even joke about your discomfort, your body changes.

What you are currently experiencing during this is
similar to the pregnancy we have just described – you are bloated with
memories and feelings you do not understand. Everyone who moves from the
Old Age to will undergo similar  physical shifts. The
difference is – as scout masters and wagon train leaders – you are the
first to do so.

Do not be afraid. You are birthing yourself – there will no
miscarriages, stillbirths, or anything else you might be frightened
about. You are merely exploring new territory that is going to become
common. Your heroism in moving through this physical/emotional phase
with little understanding and even less information. Your heroism will
be acknowledged in the future, just as was true for the first explorers
of the new world.

There is nothing wrong with you or your being. Allow yourself to move
and shift at will – as you would if you were pregnant. And know from
the depths of your being that your birth is extremely imminent. You have
accepted the New Age. You have moved into the New Age spiritually. Now
it is time for you to do the same physically and emotionally. And so you
are in spurts – just as would be true if you were pregnant.

When will you give birth to yourself? As is true for all natural
births, when the time is right. Some of you are in the birthing process
now. Others will be in a few days and still others in a few months.

Those of you in the throes of birthing will know by the discomfort
that appears to have arrived out of nowhere. You have been the beam of
sunshine to others as they moved into their various phases of
development. Today, or during your birthing process, you will feel like
screaming at everyone – most notably the person or entity closest to
you. Which is little different from those women who scream at the man
who made them pregnant during the birthing process; and yet feel great
love for that same man immediately after.

Allow yourself to scream and rant and rave. It will soon be over. And
if you have not yet experienced such feelings, you will. But you will
do so on a different level for you will have access to those scout
masters and wagon train leaders who have experienced it already.

For those of you birthing this week or in the next few weeks.
Hallelujah! A new you is about to be born. A you that will easily and
effortlessly combine your new spiritual, physical and emotional beings.
And yes, you will soon again be rays of sunshine. Allow yourself to
fully experience your birth with all of its fears and joys, for you will
share those thoughts with others in the near future.

We applaud you scout masters and wagon train leaders. You are far
braver than even you realize…or at times, wish to be. Go in peace
knowing that your current or soon-to-be feelings and experiences are as
normal as giving birth…and just as joyous. So be it Amen.

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